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STP Creator Release 1 (R1) Download
For FY 2022 and prior

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STP Creator R1 (29MB):
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STP Creator

See our 'Getting Started guide here.

The use of STP Creator is licensed on the basis of a user Licence file containing Registration details as well as a Payer ABN Code.

Until registered, this download of STP Creator will operate in Demo mode, allowing you to test most aspects of STP Creator and confirm that it will work as specified on this website. You will be able to create, add, view, edit and update your data, and save changes in a Data Set file. You will be able to generate the Lodgement Data, however the final screen will not show complete ABN or TFN data. In Demo mode, you will not be able to transmit your Lodgement Data to the ATO or copy the data to a spreadsheet etc.

Free 45 day Trial Registration - to fully test STP Creator, please request a Trial Licence file and Payer ABN code from here. The Trial Licence file will allow you to fully evaluate STP Creator including transmitting your payroll data directly to the ATO.

STP Creator has been developed for Windows based systems - Mac users see here

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