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STP Creator Licence Options
Release 2 – STP Phase 2 – ATO Specification PAYEVNT.004 (2020)

(Are you a Registered Agent?)

Namich currently offers 4 annual Licences, each with varying Payee or Employee limits. All Licences are SBR enabled, and include cost of transmitting data directly to the ATO via Standard Business Reporting (SBR). No additional fees apply unless you choose to transmit via a Sending Service Provider or SSP .

Each licence is for one Payer ABN. The licence comes with email support only, as well as extensive online Help.

Please choose from the options below:

Trial Licence - Free

The Trial licence can be used with any number of Payees. The Trial Licence is valid for 45 days. It will allow you to fully evaluate STP Creator (including transmitting payroll data to the ATO) to see if it will meet your needs. Request a Trial Licence

Licence4 - $111 (inc GST) per annum

Licence4 allows for up to 4 Payees (or employees) per STP Report. Purchase or renew a Licence4

Licence20 - $222 (inc GST) per annum

Licence20 allows for up to 20 Payees (or employees) per STP Report. Purchase or renew a Licence20

Licence50 - $333 (inc GST) per annum

Licence50 allows for up to 50 Payees (or employees) per STP Report. Purchase or renew a Licence50

Licence50+ - $450.00 (inc GST) per annum

Licence50+ allows for an unlimited number of Payees (or employees). Purchase or renew a Licence50+


Setup Session - from $66 (inc GST)

Some users may find the initial setup to be a bit of a challenge. We do have videos that cover this. Alternatively you can purchase and book a Setup session. We will connect remotely via TeamViewer®, setup your Data Set file and lodge your first STP Report.
To purchase a Setup Session, click here

Convert Licence to SBR

If you have an existing SSP licence and you want to convert it to an SBR licence, you can do so here

SBR Setup Session - $25 (inc GST)

If you have already setup your Data Set file and you would like assistance setting up to use SBR, we can provide remote assistance to install the Machine to Machine (M2M) Credentials and complete the SBR Settings within your current Data Set file. Our cost for this service is $25 for up to 30 mins. Before booking please ensure that you are allowed to install M2M Credentials for an ABN by following the steps in this Help article. Then book and pay here.

Help Me! - $60 for up to 30 mins (inc GST)

Need help with any aspect of STP Creator? We have extensive Online Help and Videos. If you are stuck and can't work it out, you can purchase a TeamViewer® Help session from our support partner (FGH Tables). Includes migrating to Phase 2, completing or amending EOY Finalisation etc.
To purchase a Help Me! session, click here.

Adjust Event Service

If you are not a regular STP Creator user and want to use STP Creator's new Adjust and/or List Service, there are a number of options:
  • Use a Temp Licence for short term use (30 days)
  • Use a Licence4 for 12 month use - Payee limits do not apply to Adjust or List Services
  • Provide all of the details and we can lodge the Adjust Event on your behalf - Cost $80 - contact use for more information

Licence Upgrade - $133 (inc GST)

Upgrade your existing licence to the next Payee limit.
To purchase a Licence Upgrade, click here

Licence re-issue Fee - $25 each (inc GST)

To pay click here.

Temp Licence Fee - $40 each (inc GST)

30 day licence if your original licence has expired and you need to submit another report.
Or if you need to report on more Payees than your current licence allows, a Temp licence does not have a Payee limit.
Or if you are not a regular STP Creator user and want to use STP Creator's new Adjust and/or List Service or to de-register a .myox file.
To purchase a temp licence click here.

ODBC Code - $55 (inc GST)

To purchase an ODBC Code, click here

Password Reset Fee - $44 each (inc GST)

To pay click here. Then email Data Set file to Namich.

Multiple Purchases - Submit orders using above links, then make one payment via Payments Page. If purchasing 5 or more licences at the same time, and payments are made by bank transfer, a bulk purchase discount (5-20%) applies. Contact Namich for further information.

Refund Policy - see here.

A Payer is the sole trader, partnership, trust or company that makes the payroll payments. Payer details only need to be entered once and are saved in a Permanent Data Set file. Each Licence can be used with one Payer based on an ABN.

A Payee is the employee or contractor who receives a payment. Payee details are saved in a Permanent Data Set file.

Sending Service Provider (SSP)

A SSP is an entity that provides a 'transmission' service. STP Creator users can use Single Touch Pty Ltd, a Sydney based SSP. All STP data must be encrypted before sending to the ATO. STP Creator will encrypt the data using your M2M credentials - a digital key provided by the ATO. If you use an SSP to transmit your data, they will encrypt using their own M2M Credentials. A SSP charges a monthly fee to encrypt and transmit data on your behalf. See here for more details.

Accounting/Bookkeeping entities
A special licence is available for Tax/BAS Agents. If you are a registered Accounting or Bookkeeping entity, please use purchase links here instead.

Note 1: STP Creator is designed to be run on a Windows operating system. To use the program on a Mac, you will need to use Parallels, VMware, WineBottler or other virtualisation/emulation software. We recommend a Trial first. See here for more info.

Note 2: Use of STP Creator is dependent on you having installed Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Credentials from the ATO via Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). You will need a MyGovID linked to your ABN.

To check if you have authority to install M2M Credentials, log into RAM (see link above), select your entity and see if Manage Credentials appears at top of screen - see Help Article here for more details

The M2M installation process is similar to the previous AusKey process. We can help with this if required, see under Extras below. Or follow this video. Once setup, there is no further authentication required. There are no ongoing fees for transmitting the data to the ATO via SBR. All transmission costs are included in the licence fee. Note however that transmission fees will apply if you lodge via SSP using Single Touch Pty Ltd.

Note 3: Each licence can be used for one ABN only, each entity will require its own licence.

Note 4: Licence upgrades and renewals will be governed by the terms of the new Licence.

Note 5: If your Licence is current, a renewal will extend the current expiry date by 12 months, so there is no need to wait until the expiry date.

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