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Employee Share Scheme Annual Report (ESSAR)

If you provide your employees or their associates with ESS interests under an employee share scheme (ESS) you have certain reporting obligations.

You must give your employee an ESS statement by 14 July after the end of the financial year. The statement will help your employee complete their tax return.

You must also provide an Employee Share Scheme Annual Report (ESSAR) to the ATO by 14 Aug of each year. The report must be lodged electronically via the ATO's Online Services for Business, Business or Agent's Portal.

If your current accounting software does not support Employee Share Scheme Annual Reporting (ESSAR), or if you need to lodge amended ESSAR's, consider using our Namich ESS Reporter rather than upgrading your accounting software.

ESS Reporter

ESS Reporter enable Providers (or their intermediaries such as Tax Agents etc) to generate and lodge the Employee Share Scheme Annual Report (ESSAR) electronically, including generating ESS Statements for your employees.

    Data can be:
  • imported from a spreadsheet
  • manually entered onscreen

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