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STP Creator Features

  • Automates STP Reporting for Classic and Live MYOB® (full version list) users
  • Saves all setup data and extracts current payroll data directly from the MYOB® .myo or .myox company file
  • ODBC Support for faster data extraction on larger files - file must be registered for ODBC
  • For non-MYOB® users, allows import of all payroll data from a spreadsheet, all saved between sessions.
  • Inbuilt online transmission of data to the ATO - (requires account with a nominated Sending Service Provider - fees apply)
  • Allows you to preview all data to be transmitted to the ATO
  • Export data to spreadsheet for easy updating and then import
  • Saves a read-only image of all data for reference purposes
  • Once setup, for MYOB® users, no keying of data required, no copy and paste etc
  • Support for up to 9 Allowance Types
  • Support for up to 4 Eligible Termination Payments per Payee
  • Support for TFN Declaration Reporting
  • Support for RESC and RFBT Reporting
  • Support for Working Holiday Makers
  • Support for Voluntary Agreements and Labour Hire etc
  • Support for Contractor ABNs
  • Support for Foreign Employment, JPDA Payees
  • Support for Update Events and Full File Replacements
  • Support for Bookkeepers etc with multiple clients
  • Detailed on-line help, tooltips and videos
  • Low annual licence fee - always up to date

STP Creator automates Single Touch Payroll Reporting for Classic and Live MYOB® users, allowing you to send the payroll data to the ATO in just a number of clicks. The steps involved after processing payroll are as follows:

  • Load all setting from Permanent Data Set file
  • Click a button to assemble all YTD data for each Payee - this reads latest data from MYOB® .myo or .myox company file
  • Click a button to assemble all W1 and W2 data for this pay period - based on Dates you specify
  • Click a button to assemble all lodgement data
  • Click a button to Lodge - sign in and click Send

ATO Whitelisted

STP Creator has been certified with the ATO, passed Product Verification Testing and has been whitelisted for Production. We have been issued a Product ID.

See our listing on the ATO STP Register here.
and on the ABSIA Register (replacement of ATO Product Register) here.

Types of Payees Supported

  • Payees covered by the following Payment Summaries types are supported:

    INB - Individual non-business
    WHM - Working Holiday Makers
    ETP - Eligible Termination Payment
    BPSI - Business and Personal Services Income

    Labour Hire
    Other Specified Payments
    Voluntary Agreements
    PSI Attributed Income

    FEI - Foreign Employment Income
    JPDA - Joint Petroleum Development Area

STP Box Small

STP Creator - Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 - Mac users see here
  • You will need Administrator privileges to complete the installation of STP Creator
  • Net Framework version 4.6.1 (or higher) - will be installed if necessary by installer
  • Active Internet connection is require to run STP Creator as well as for accessing internet links, checking for updates and on-line Help
  • Up to date Browser for lodgement, accessing internet links and on-line Help
  • Screen size 1366 x 768 (min res at 100%) (recommended 1920 x 1080)
  • An account with Single Touch Pty Ltd for online lodgement of STP Data - fees apply

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