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Taxable Payments Annual Reporting

  • from 1 July 2012 - Building and Construction Industry
  • from 1 July 2017 - Government Entities
  • from 1 July 2018 - Courier and Cleaning Industries
  • from 1 July 2019 - Information Technology and Road Freight Industries

From the dates shown above, affected entities must report certain payments to the ATO. The report is due to be lodged by 28 Aug for the financial year just ended.

The report may be provided on a paper form or electronically via the ATO's Business and Agent's Portal or via SBR.

If your current accounting software does not support Taxable Payment Reporting (TPAR), or if you need to lodge amended TPAR's, consider using our TPAR Generator rather than upgrading your accounting software.

TPAR Generator

TPAR Generator enable Payers to generate and lodge the taxable payments annual report electronically, including PDF advices for each payee.

    Data can be:
  • imported from a spreadsheet
  • loaded from an existing TPAR.C01 file to amend
  • loaded from last year's TPAR.C01 file for this year
  • loaded directly from your MYOB® company file (up to v19.16)*
  • manually entered

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More details are available here.

Please note: The current version of TPAR Generator is based on ATO Specs v2.0 and covers reporting by the Construction and Building Industry, as well as Government Entities. The first report for Government Entities will be due 28 Aug 2018 and the ATO has released Specs v2.0 to cover these new payment types. Those who use TPAR Generator for Construction and Building Industry payments can continue to use their existing version and will not be required to upgrade.

We Do The Work

If you prefer, we can do the work for you. See here

*TPAR Generator was originally developed to extract Taxable Payment data directly out of a MYOB® company file. Over the years it has developed into a more comprehensive solution allowing users with any software, (or no software at all) to import their payment data via a spreadsheet. So you do not have to be a MYOB® user to use TPAR Generator. As long as you can get the data (from reports or manual records) you will be able to bring that data into TPAR Generator.

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