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STP Creator and Single Touch Pty Ltd

Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE files are an example most will be familiar with:

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Your Payroll Data must be converted to a specified format (using our EMPDUPE Maker for example) and then you upload to the ATO.

Single Touch Payroll is similar yet different.

The major difference with Single Touch Payroll (STP) is that unlike for things like EMPDUPE files and Taxable Payment Reports, the ATO does not allow a free direct upload of STP Data via ATO's Online Services for Business (OSB) or the Business Portal. The data must instead be encrypted with your M2M Credentials and sent directly to the ATO Servers via Standard Business Reporting (SBR) or sent via a Sending Service Provider (SSP) who encrypts using their own M2M Credentials and sends the data to the ATO via SBR.

STP Creator and SBR
When STP Creator was first released in 2019, there was no option to send data directly to the ATO via SBR. All users had to use the services of an SSP to send their STP data to the ATO. This involved an additional monthly transmission fee.

Since Aug 2021, STP Creator has adopted SBR to transmit data directly the ATO Servers, with no further monthly transmission fees for users. Now that almost all users have switched to reporting via SBR, the information below is for historical purposes only.

Using an SSP - the historical approach
All users should now be using SBR to send their STP data directly to the ATO. However users who prefer can continue to pay an additional monthy fee and lodge via an SSP. Note that a number of new features such as Onboarding, Reconciliation and Adjusting reported W1 W2 amounts are only available via SBR.

Using an SSP means there are 2 separate cost components to using STP Creator:

  • First there is a low cost annual Licence fee paid to Namich for the use of our software. For MYOB® users, STP Creator is unique in that it will extract the payroll data directly out of your company file, converting it into STP compliant data. Non-MYOB® users can import the data instead.
  • Then there is a fee to transmit that data to the ATO via a 3rd party Sending Service Provider (SSP), these are gateways authorised by the ATO to transmit data from employers to the ATO.
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When you clicked Send, STP Creator transmits the STP data to the ATO on your behalf via Single Touch Pty Ltd who are our nominated SSP. Namich is not related to Single Touch Pty Ltd.

So while our software will extract your payroll data from your MYOB® file, and create a STP compliant file, in order to transmit that STP data to the ATO via an SSP, you will need to register with Single Touch Pty Ltd on their portal.

When you click 'Sign in' from the Lodge screen of STP Creator, you will link in to your Single Touch account. Then simply click Send. STP Creator will send the STP Data to Single Touch servers via their API which will forward the data to the ATO via SBR encrypted with their M2M Credentials. Single Touch Pty Ltd will bill you directly for this encryption and transmission service.

Single Touch Pty Ltd provide a number of services and charge differing fees for each service. STP Creator utilises their STP Data service* on the Single Touch Portal. Single Touch Pty Ltd charge $5 per month for use of their STP Data service. This includes up to 50 employee transmissions. Excess employee transmissions are charged at $0.10 each.

They will bill you at the end of each month. We recommend you complete their direct debit form to avoid a monthly administration fee. All fees are GST exclusive.

BAS Agents/bookkeepers etc see also Q3 (and Q4) here

Registering with Single Touch
Click this link to Sign Up on the Single Touch Portal. (Note - if you already have an existing account, there is no need to create a new one, simply add the Entity)

Registering your Entity
Follow the prompts to register your Entity details including ABN, address etc (see image below). The Upload version is v2020, however this will not matter as you will not be use the csv or xml upload, you will be using their API endpoint - see below:

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Once you Save the entity, this entity will appear in your Entities list - see image below:
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Registering with the ATO
As you are using a Sending Service Provider, there is no need to register for STP with the ATO. The STP Data is sent to the ATO under the Sending Service Provider's AusKey. So there is no need to use Access Manager or provide a Software ID - these only apply to Online Services.

Contacting Single Touch Pty Ltd
You should not need to contact Single Touch Pty Ltd as part of the registration process as this is all handled online.

If you speak with a representative, they may ask you what software you are using. The answer should be 'STP Creator by Namich' not MYOB®. Note also that STP Creator uses the STP Data plan via the STP Portal (not STP Payroll or STP Lite or CSV Uploads).

Accessing Reports and History
After sending your STP data via STP Creator, you can log in to your Single Touch account on their Portal to view the details of your submission. Click on Entities > History from the Website's menu bar, select the entity and you will see a screen similar to the one below.
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In addition to receiving an email advising whether the ATO accepted or Rejected your data, this will also be shown here.

After the first few reports, we recommend you log in and check the data that was transmitted was what you expected to transmit. If there are any discrepancies, and you can't work out why, send us an email with the details and we will help work it out.

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