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STP Creator - Getting Started

The following information will help you get started using STP Creator. Like any software, it may take a bit to work out how it works - our aim is to make this as simple as possible.

If you have not already done so, you can download STP Creator from here.

Installation & Registration
You will need to run the setup file to install STP Creator. STP Creator needs .NET Framework 4.6.1 (or higher) as well as a Microsoft Redistributable file. If either are not on your system, the installer will prompt you to install them. You must agree and not skip this part of the installation. STP Creator will not work without this required Microsoft software. You will need Administrator privileges to complete the installation of STP Creator.

Once setup is complete, there will be an icon on your desktop. Double click this to run STP Creator.

Until registered, STP Creator will run in Demo mode and the word Demo will appear on most screens.

If you have received a licence file, to register, select Preferences from the Maintenance Menu. To the left of the Browse 5 button is the current location where STP Creator looks for the Licence File when it starts, by default this is in Documents > STP_Creator_2 > Licence. You can accept this setting and click Save. Or use the Browse 5 button to navigate to (or create) a folder to store your Licence File.

Close STP Creator. Save (do not open) the Licence File attached to your registration email into the selected Licence File location. When you next run STP Creator, it will check the Licence File, and if found will open as Trial or Registered depending on your licence - and the word Demo will no longer appear. The Help > About STP Creator screen (from the Help menu - not online Help) will display your licence details - check your name appears here.

Permanent Data Set file
The first step in using STP Creator is to complete the setup of the payroll data from your MYOB® company file for Single Touch Payroll purposes. All of this data (Payees, Payroll categories etc) is saved and stored in a Permanent Data Set file. You will need to create a Data Set file for each MYOB® company file you use for payroll.

This involves selecting your MYOB® company file, and then extracting the employee data as well as the Payroll Categories. You need to select the STP Fields you will intend to use and then map your Payroll Categories to a STP Field.

Setting up to STP Reporting can take awhile, especially if you have hundreds of payroll categories you need to map, however you will only need to do all this once.

This is all covered in our videos and we recommend you watch the Setup as well as the 'Use and Lodge' videos at least once before hand. Alternatively we can set it all up for you and show you how to use. See Setup Session under EXTRAS.

If you don't use MYOB®?
Simply indicate on screen that you are not using MYOB® and many of the options change. You select your STP Fields and add or import Payee details. These are all saved in a Permanent Data Set file, so no rekeying is required.

Payer Details
While setting up the Data Set file you will need to enter the Payer details including the Payer ABN Code provided by Namich.

There is detailed on-line help covering the use of STP Creator as well as some 'How to' videos on our website here.

If you have any issues or questions about STP Creator please let us know.

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