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Mac users

Namich products have been developed to run on a Windows® operating system and will therefore not normally work on a Mac. For Mac users there are 3 possible options.

Option 1 - Use emulation software
To use our software on a Mac, you will need to use Parallels, VMware, WineBottler or other virtualisation/emulation software. These allow you to run Windows based programs on a Mac.

We have not tested on a Mac and so cannot guaranteed it will work, however there are a number of Mac users who use our software this way. The only known issue is with tab-delimited files created for importing. When creating a tab-delimited file on a Mac, you will need to first open it in a free program called BBEdit and 'save as' Windows(CRLF).

Option 2 - If you have access to a PC
Install and use our software on a Windows PC if one is available and if practical. You may have to transfer some data or files from your Mac to complete the process. Once done, you can copy the lodgement files and PDF's to your Mac.

Option 3 - We do the work for you
See here for more details about this service.
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