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MYOB® users
STP Creator is the solution if your current MYOB® accounting software (see full version list) satisfies your accounting or bookkeeping needs, but does not have inbuilt STP Reporting functionality.

Or if you have AR2018 to AR2021 (which do have in built STP functionality), you may not be too keen on the hefty subscription(s) you have to pay just to use STP Reporting.

Simply run STP Creator after you have completed processing payroll in the usual manner. Load a file containing all the saved settings (like Payroll Category mappings), and click a button to extract the current payroll data out of your MYOB® company file. Click 4 more buttons and you are ready to sign in and Lodge the STP report with one more click.

No need to re-key any data, no need to cut and paste, no need to manually upload data. STP Creator does it all with a minimum of fuss.

Not using MYOB®?
STP Creator is not just for MYOB® users. Apart from extracting payroll data directly, all the other features of STP Creator are just as useful no matter what software you use, or even if you don't use any software. Once setup, all data such as Payee details are stored in a permanent file, simply update the YTD details by importing from a spreadsheet.

Need to make a Correction? - STP Creator allows for Full File Replacement, allowing you to resubmit correct information.

Need to report an Update? - STP Creator allows for Update events at any time, including for EOY Finalisation.

Need to Report TFN Declarations? - STP Creator allows you to report TFN Declarations while sending your payroll data to the ATO.

STP Creator has been developed for Windows based systems - Mac users see here

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Key Features

  • Can be used with any payroll software (or none!)
  • Updated for JobKeeper and JobMaker
  • Extracts payroll data directly from MYOB®
  • Or import all payroll data from a spreadsheet
  • Saves all setup settings between sessions
  • Whitelisted and registered with the ATO
  • Online lodgement to ATO inbuilt
  • Allows you to preview all data to be sent
  • Easy to use once setup
  • Saves an image of all data for queries
  • Export data to spreadsheet for easy updating
  • Saves Payer and Payee data
  • Handles ETPs and Salary Sacrifice etc
  • Handles Voluntary Agreements and contractor ABNs
  • Handles Working Holiday Makers
  • Handles Foreign Employment Income
  • Allows override for numerous MYOB® settings
  • Support for Agents with multiple clients
  • ODBC Support for faster data extraction
  • Low annual cost software
  • Update for Phase 2 coming soon

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PayDay Steps

Screenshot 5
Sign in to Data Set File
Click here for STP Creator to Assemble Income Statement YTD totals
Click here for STP Creator to Assemble Activity Statement totals
Click here for STP Creator to Assemble Final STP Report Data
Click here for Sign In screen
Click here to Sign In
Click here to Send STP data to the ATO
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