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TFN Declaration - Electronic Reporting

Under the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Withholding system, Payers (employers) must withhold amounts from payments made to Payees (employees). To reduce the amount withheld, Payees can provide the Payer with a TFN Declaration (NAT 3029). The Payer uses the information provided in the TFN Declaration to determine the amount to withhold. Up until recently, the original TFN Declaration could to be mailed to the ATO - the ATO is now requiring electronic reporting.

TFN Dec Reporter

TFN Dec Reporter is designed to support electronic TFN Declarations. It allows Payers to generate an electronic TFN Declaration (PDF with interactive form fields) as well as preparing a TFN Declaration Report which can be lodged electronically via the ATO's Online Services for Business, the Business Portal or the Agents Portal.

    Process summary:
  • email electronic TFN Declaration as PDF to Payee
  • Payee completes using Abobe Reader and returns completed TFN Declaration
  • Payer uses TFN Dec Reporter to import data from PDF, or from a spreadsheet
  • Payer lodges Report on-line using the ATO's OSB, Business or Agent's Portal

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