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Q1. When I try to download STP_CreatorR1_Setup.exe, I get a message saying this file may not be safe. Should I download it?


Every Browser treats executable files differently. Our file is completely safe, however the browser does not know that and so it may issue a warning message. You should first save the file to your harddrive and you can then check it with your anti-virus or anti-malware software before you run the setup file. Some examples of messages are listed below:

  • IE - 'Security Warning - Do you want to run or save this file?' Choose Save.
  • IE - 'The publisher could not be verified' Choose Save.
  • Chrome - 'STP_CreatorR1_Setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.' Click dropdown arrow to the right of the Discard button and select Keep.
  • Opera - 'It is not known whether this file is safe. Are you sure you want to download it?' Choose Save.
  • Firefox - 'You have chosen to open xyx.exe file which is a binary file. Would you like to save this file?' Choose Save

Q2. How do I map this Payroll Category?


Before you can report Single Touch Payroll and super information to the ATO, you need to assign an STP Field to all the payroll categories you've used in the current payroll year.

This includes wages, bonuses, overtime, leave, allowances, deductions, superannuation and salary sacrifice. The STP Field indicates the type of payment you're reporting (for example is it to be reported as 'GrossAmount' or an Allowance?)

The mapping process is similar to how payroll categories were assigned to payment summary fields during the Payment Summary Assistant process. The main difference is with STP you now need to report amounts with much greater detail.

Click here to see our online Help for the Mapping Editor screen.
Click here see the the ATO's Phase 2 Quick Reference Guide.

Still wondering which STP Field to use?

We'd love to be able to answer this question for you. However every business, award and employee agreement is unique, and so are the names you give to your payroll categories.

We have provided general information in the link above. If you're still not sure of what's appropriate for your business, talk to your bookkeeper, your tax advisor or the ATO.

Q3. I'm a BAS Agent, can I use STP Creator for multiple clients?


Yes, simply purchase a special Agents Licence for STP Creator from here. You can purchase additional Payer ABN Codes as required from the same link.

Each time you transmit STP data to the ATO, your BAS Agent Number will be included.

If lodging STP Reports under your own ABN, you will need to ensure you are authorised to act for this Payer.

Q4. I'm a bookkeeper and have a client with 6 employees and one with 24 employees. What licence(s) would I need to purchase?


Our licences are issued to the named individual, business or entity that purchases the licence and can only be used in the business of that individual, business or entity.

We have a special licence for Tax/BAS Agents. This licence allows you to use STP Creator in your bookkeeping business for any number of clients. So you would only need to purchase one Licence from this link here. The Agents Licence50+ allows for any number of Payees and comes with one Payer ABN code.

You would then purchase an Agents Additional L50+ Payer ABN Code for your other client from the same link. This will allow you to report STP obligations for both clients.

Alternatively, if the client is to own or use the licence, each client could purchase the Licence20 and Licence50 respectively from here, and you could use their licence within their business when doing their bookkeeping.

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