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Sharing Economy Taxable Payments (SETP) Report

SETP Reporter - Sharing Economy Taxable Payments (SETP), originally Sharing Economy Reporting Regime (SERR) is a third-party reporting regime for the 'sharing' economy. This includes things like food delivery, passenger ride share, short term rentals, gig economy etc.

Under SETP, electronic distribution platform (EDP) operators must report transactions made through their platform to the ATO.

Under SETP, an EDP is a service that:
  • allows sellers to make supplies available to buyers (for example, guests booking accommodation or passengers booking car rides)
  • is delivered via electronic communication.
A seller is an entity that makes supplies via an EDP. A buyer is the end user of the supplies.

An EDP can be, but is not limited to:
  • a website
  • internet portal
  • gateway
  • application
  • online store
  • marketplace
According to the ATO, Sharing Economy Taxable Payments (SETP) Reporting will help to create a level playing field across industries and provide transparency of the income sellers receive through the sharing economy.

SETP Reporting commences 1 July 2023 with first 6 monthly report due in Jan 2024 (extended to 29 Feb 2024).

More information about the sharing economy and SETP can be found at the ATO website here

SETP Reporter

SETP Reporter enable EDP operators (the Reporting Party) or their intermediaries such as Tax Agents etc to generate and lodge the Sharing Economy Taxable Payment Report (SETP) electronically.

SETP Reporter is fully compliant with ATO Specifications SHRNGECONTXBLPMT.0001.2024 and will be updated as required.

    Seller Details and transaction data can be:
  • imported from a spreadsheet
  • manually entered onscreen

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More details are available here.

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