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Single Touch Payroll Reporting (PAYEVNT.003)

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting is a game changer for many businesses, forcing them to upgrade their accounting software. There are some alternatives, including CSV uploads or keying payroll data directly to an online portal. For many this is just too much hard work.

For those who use MYOB® accounting and payroll software (Classic or Live), we have developed STP Creator. This is a STP reporting tool which will extract the payroll data directly from your MYOB® .myo or .myox company file, compile it into the correct format and then allow you to Lodge it with the ATO via a STP Sending Service Provider.

STP Creator allows all users of Classic or Live MYOB® (full version list) to comply with their STP Reporting obligations while continuing to use their existing software.

STP compliance with minimum fuss (an no costly Cover or Live subscription)
Once set up, our software (STP Creator) allows you to comply with STP in just a few clicks and keystrokes. The process is automated with no need to key or change anything between pays.

STP compliance and no need to upgrade your existing software
An upgrade to MYOB's new AR2019 just for STP will not only cost a minimum of around $1200 per annum, your day to day use of your accounting software will take longer. AR2019 is known to be slower than Classic v19 for the majority of users. STP Creator allows you to continue to use the same MYOB® software you currently use for a small initial outlay and an ongoing Sender Service Provider cost of $0.10 per employee per pay (or $2 for a payroll of 20 employees).

STP compliance and no need to re-train staff for a new accounting system
In order to comply with STP, many Classic MYOB® users have switched their accounting system to competitor products, rather than to upgrade to AR2019. Using STP Creator spares you the cost and disruption of having to purchase and learn to use a new accounting system.

STP Creator

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