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STP Creator launched 3 May 2019, and on the same day a number of users completed their first STP report to the ATO. See unsolicited comments from users.


I just lodged my first STP statement and the ATO has replied that it was successful!
Well done to you, and thanks for the helpful videos.

Just purchased and installed the STP creator. A big shout out as you guys are life savers.
I have been using and recommending your services for EMPDUPE creator and tax table updates and now STP.
All easy to install and use and saving business thousands of dollars.
You have been a god send. Keep up the great work supporting Australian business.
Will highly recommend to all

Thanks Paul, it worked like a charm.
SB (Vic)

I found it very well documented (online help) and easy to use.

I am suitably impressed. Very good software thanks.

I am very grateful to you for writing this software to reduce the cost to business a little bit.

Congratulations on what you've done in relation to MYOB!!!! I'm so happy.
EB (Vic)

A big thank you note for your website if you would like to publish it. Your products are fantastic and have saved me from having to upgrade my clients to the new version myob which is way too slow and crashes all the time. THANK YOU you have saved my sanity.
Belinda, Bookkeeper (QLD)

Hi Paul, I just wanted to compliment you on your tutorials. As suggested, I watched the first two and found them easy to follow and informative. By the end I was able to set up and submit my first STP. I referred back to the videos a couple of times when I couldn’t remember exactly what to do. The whole process has been intuitive in a way that’s often lacking with software packages that probably have a lot more resources behind them that this one. Thanks, and well done!
Adam (NSW)

Hi Paul The software works well, we have submitted our first STP report via We would like to purchase the software and have done so via your website. A couple of observations:
1) Your technical support has been first rate. You have at all times been responsive and helpful, and this for a trial version! Kudos to you.
2) The how-to videos are excellent, covering all aspects of the software. This is how all software companies should operate.
You are the polar opposite of MYOB, who offer zero support, even for their paying enterprise customers.
Darren (SA)

Thanks for your STP program. It’s a fantastic program (and we’re thrilled that it means we don’t have to change to MYOB Live).
Rosemary (SA)

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