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STP Creator - MYOB® Versions Supported

Plus v13.0 & v13.5
Plus v14.0 & v14.5
Plus v15.0 & v15.5
Plus v16.0 & v16.5
Plus v17.0 & v17.5
Plus v18.0 & v18.5
Plus v19.0 & v19.5
Plus v19.6
Plus v19.7
Plus v19.8
Plus v19.9
Plus v19.10
Plus v19.11
Plus v19.12
Plus v19.13
Plus v19.14
Plus v19.15
Plus v19.16
Premier v7.0 & v7.5
Premier v8.0 & v8.5
Premier v9.0 & v9.5
Premier v10.0 & v10.5
Premier v11.0 & v11.5
Premier v12.0 & v12.5
Premier v19.0 & v19.5
Premier v19.6
Premier v19.7
Premier v19.8
Premier v19.9
Premier v19.10
Premier v19.11
Premier v19.12
Premier v19.13
Premier v19.14
Premier v19.15
Premier v19.16
Enterprise v1.0 & v1.5
Enterprise v2.0 & v2.5
Enterprise v3.0 & v3.5
Enterprise v4.0 & v4.5
Enterprise v5.0 & v5.5
Enterprise v6.0 & v6.5
Enterprise v19.0 & v19.5
Enterprise v19.6
Enterprise v19.7
Enterprise v19.8
Enterprise v19.9
Enterprise v19.10
Enterprise v19.11
Enterprise v19.12
Enterprise v19.13
Enterprise v19.14
Enterprise v19.15
Enterprise v19.16
AccountEdge v3 & v3.5
AccountEdge v4 & v4.5
AccountEdge v5 & v5.5
AccountEdge v6 & v6.5
AccountEdge v7 & v7.5
AccountEdge v8 & v8.5
AccountEdge v9 & v9.5
AccountEdge v9.6


Some earlier versions were referred to as Accounting (with Payroll) rather than Plus.

* Users of AR2011 to AR2013.4 are entitled to a free upgrade from MYOB Aust to AR2013.5 due to issues with the earlier versions.
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