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STP Creator - ODBC Code - $55 (inc GST)

Using ODBC to can reduce the time taken to load data from your MYOB® file by up to 85%. It also means others can keep using MYOB® while you are using STP Creator to load the payroll data.

If your Classic MYOB® company file (v19 and earlier) is registered for ODBC (with MYOB Aust), or you have a ODBC Key, you can use ODBC to extract Payroll Data for STP Creator.

Before purchasing an ODBC code, ensure you have done a Test Connection and a Test ODBC Load (from Permanent Data Set screen) to check that it will work correctly. No ODBC Code is required for these tests. Contact Namich for how to test using an ODBC Key.

Please note we do not provide refunds on ODBC Codes, so it is important to ensure your ODBC access works before purchasing. You will also be able to determine exactly how long the load process will take.

An ODBC Code will only work on the company file for which it is issued. The Serial Number and File ID can be found on the Permanent Data Set screen.

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