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Release 2 Updates

The current version of STP Creator R2 is

NOTE: All current annual licences are eligible to update to the latest version

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Note: STP Creator now installs to AppData 🛈 AppData is a hidden folder, so you may need to change View settings to show Hidden items if you need to find it yourself rather than C:\Program Files (x86). This means you no longer need to have Administrator privileges to Update as a single user.

If this is your first install to AppData, we recommend you first Un-install STP Creator 2 using Settings > Apps & Features.

Save the download. Run the downloaded file to Update to latest version.

If installing for All Users, right click on Setup.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'.

Data Set files and settings will not be affected.

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  Release (27/3/2024)  
  Minor update
Fixed bug that caused crash when viewing a STP Report that was partially accepted
Removed Adjust checkbox from YTD Screen for MYOB users
Fixed edit checks to allow ETP reported in advance
Added new updated Microsoft component due to security vulnerabilities in previous version
Cosmetic changes to tool tips

  Release (28/12/2023)  
  Major update
Added New Adjust Service allowing users to correct reported employer W1 and W2 amounts for Activity Statement Pre-fill
Added New List Service allowing uses to retrieve reported W1 and W2 amounts from the ATO
Added New Onboarding feature for online TFN Declarations and Super
Added a new Data Set file type for non STP Creator users who want to use the Adjust/List Services only
Added new tool for non STP Creator users to de-register from MYOB's Payroll Reporting Centre
Updated ato.exe to v6.9
Updated SBR Hub screen to highlight the 2 step process
Numerous bug fixes
Numerous cosmetic changes

  Release (20/8/2023)  
  Minor update
Fix bug in Streamlined Licence Renewal process to remove need for new licence files

  Release (18/8/2023)  
  Minor update
Streamlined Licence Renewal process to remove need for new licence files
Added support for modifying the BMS ID when using STP Creator to fix errors from other software
Removed Demo indicator when no Data Set file is loaded
Fixed a number of bugs identified during EOY process
Fixed bug in SBR Settings when no Keystore is selected
Fixed bug in Step 1 Incomplete

  Release (4/7/2023)  
  Minor update
Added a Diagnostic Log feature under Tools menu
Added alert for Updates using Prior Year Data with older versions
Added Leading Zero option for AccountEdge users
Updated error messages for Lodge errors
Updated link to ATO SBR Status page
Fixed bug with Child Support Deductions
Fixed a number of display issues for Non-MYOB users
Fixed bug in Create new Data Set file process

  Release (27/2/2023)  
  Minor update
Fixed Licence Renewal links for Agent's Licence
Changed temp MYOB file location to users Documents\STP_Creator_2 folder rather than Data location
Fixed bug in Payer ABN during migration from Phase 1 to Phase 2
Fixed email notification details when using Full File Replacement to show original Message ID
Add Trial Licence expiry warning notification
Fixed bug in Child Support Deductions when using View Amts
Added apostrophe to CSV file when using leading zeroes for Payee ID to ensure these are preserved in Excel
  Release (31/12/2022)  
  Major update for AR2022 (.myox) Users
STP Creator will test for file access whenever a MYOB file is selected
Added a provision to create and use a temp copy of the MYOB file
Added a link to ATO Server status page for certain error messages
Modified Final STP Data screen to show All Income field instead of Gross Amount
Fixed bug ensuring user is notified if a new employee has been added
A number of cosmetic changes, column widths, Year sort order etc

  Release (30/11/2022)  
  Minor Update
Added timeout to end a server call when server is not responding
Added Timeout setting on SBR Advanced screen
Added 'Waiting for server' message to screen caption where appropriate

  Release (19/11/2022)  
  Minor Update
Added leading zero to PayeeID for AR2022.9 migrators
Fixed wording on Previous BMS ID screen
Fixed bug in Previous BMS ID feature
Added better error handling for MYOB files with spaces after employee names
Enabled TFN Declaration button with appropriate message
Added support for licence files on Macs

  Release (10/11/2022)  
  Minor Update
Updated installer to remind users to first un-install existing versions
Added Change Status and Change Location to SBR Hub
Added Exit Code 104 for ATO Server Error (EBMS:004) rather than treating as Rejected
Fixed Payroll Category count to be consistent
Fixed bug in ABN test
Fixed SBR Hub column widths to save between sessions
Corrected some screen titles
Updating wording of some messages
Corrected landing pages for Purchase/renew links

  Release (19/9/2022)  
  Minor Update
Added Microsoft Components for AR2022 users

  Release (3/8/2022)  
  Major Update - all uses should update
Streamlined Lodge choice process depending on licence type
Simplified Update Notification message
Name and Address Character Validation checks fixed
For non-MYOB users modified Add/Edit/Import processes to minimise errors
For non-MYOB users added message to add or import YTD after migration
Modified appearance of Dates screen and corrected bugs
For Update Events, only one date, and added checks to ensure it is Today's date or 30 June as required by ATO
Fixed bug with Payee Edit
Updated Help links for numerous screens
Updated Warning screen
Added 'Will be rejected' message when Lodging with alerted Problems
Added a Convert Link when users elects to use SBR with SSP licence
Modified Final Screen to display Previous BMS ID when starting to use STP Creator during the year
Fixed bug in Full File Replacement process
Numerous minor bugs fixed

  Release (30/08/2022)  
  Minor Update
As part of our 'continuous improvement' policy we have made changes to remove some 'annoyances' and further streamlined the reporting process. The changes made include:
  • Removing Termination Date warnings
  • Automatically picks up and updates any Payroll Category name changes
  • Automatically picks up and updates any changes to the Employee Card
  • Automatically Maps the standard MYOB Payroll Categories when creating a new Data Set file
  • Automatically Sets any new Employee who has been paid this PY as 'Included in STP Report'

      Release (24/08/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Added automation to the process of creating a Data Set file for MYOB users
    Imports STP Phase 2 Assigned Category settings from AR2022 company files
    Adds ability to check, disable and enable MYOB's Payroll Reporting Centre for AR2022 users

      Release (17/08/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Fixed bug in Cessation Code checks

      Release (11/08/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Reversed v2005 Deduction changes and added a Reverse YTD option when mapping incorrectly used Deduction Payroll Categories
    Fixed bugs on PayCat Mapping when editing
    Added EOY alert for 15 June to 30 June Lodgements without Final Indicator

      Release (9/08/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Simplified new licence process - Browse 2 DSF only
    Added button on About screen to view expired licence details
    Set default view for Final STP Report data to show Final Indicator and Amount fields
    Fixed bugs in STP Fields table
    Fixed bugs in Payee table

      Release (5/08/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Added Finalised Payee count to Email notifications
    Fixed a number of migration bugs
    Updated wording in STP Fields table
    Fixed buffer overrun causing crash if STP Fields table becomes corrupt

      Release (22/07/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Added support for reporting Previous BMSID for simply migration to Phase 2

      Release (16/07/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Added checks to warn if termination date but no Cessation Code
    Updated message for SBR users when Report cannot be opened
    Minor bugs fixed

      Release (13/07/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Updated web site links for licence renewals
    Fixed bug in Migrator for PAYG Overrides
    Added checks to warn SBR users to Check Result in earlier version if report lodged by earlier version

      Release (8/07/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Added support for mapping negative Deductions to income
    Fixed Payroll Category bug on Main Screen
    Fixed bug when editing prior year YTD amounts

      Release (7/07/2022)  
      Minor Update
    Added digital signature to .exe
    Fixed scroll bug on Final STP Report Data screen
    Modified name of desktop shortcut for easier identification

      Release (3/07/2022)  
      Major Update - all users should update
    Fixed RESC bug when used with Super and RESC
    Fixed column width settings on Final STP Report Data Screen
    Fixed Load Data to collect Income Type from AR2022 files
    Added Bulk Update for Employment Details to Permanent Data Set screen
    Enhanced Migration process for setting Employment Details
    Modified Warning screen at Step 6 to provide better information
    Added checks to ensure all Payees have a Commencement Date (now a compulsory field)
    Minor bugs fixed

      Release (29/06/2022)  
      Minor Update for Full installer only for AR2022 users
    Added SQLCE files for AR2022 users

      Release (15/06/2022)  
      Initial Release for STP Phase 2

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