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Super Payment Date on Payslip in MYOB®

Category Method

This method is suitable for users who do not already use the Category Tracking feature in Payroll.

Step 1
Start MYOB® v19 and open your company file. (Will also work on other versions although process may be slightly different).

Step 2
You need to turn the Category Tracking feature on. Select Setup from the Menu bar and then Preferences. On the System tab, ensure there is a tick in the check-box next to 'Turn on Category Tracking. Unless you are using Category Tracking for other purposes, set 'Categories are Not Required on All Transactions'. Click OK and close the Preferences screen.

Step 3
Some employers pay the super guarantee amounts monthly, some quarterly. We will set up quarterly payments, with our normal payment date being 21 days after the end of each quarter. (If you pay monthly or any other frequency, change this step to suit). We will set up 4 categories. Select the Lists menu item and then Categories. Click the New button at the bottom of the screen. Fill in the Category Information screen as per the image below:


Click the OK button to close this screen, then create 3 more Categories with the relevant dates for the other 3 quarters.

Step 4
Go to Setup, Customise Forms, Payslips, choose the payslip you want to customise and press Customise button. We will customise the payslip we customised on the 'Payslip Changes' page.

Step 5
Find or create a suitable spot to add a Text field and a Data field. In this example we will do this at the bottom of the payslip. Click the Text field icon on the toolbar, 2nd from left.

MYOB Toolbar

Then click the left mouse button in an empty space on the payslip near where you want to place the text field, and use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to move the field to the desired location. Note that you may need to turn off the 'Snap to Grid' option. To do this click the 2nd last button on the toolbar (properties) and un-tick the 'Snap to Grid' check-box on the Options tab and press OK to close.

Step 6
Double click in the new text field, and on the Layout tab, type 'Superannuation contribution is expected to be paid on '. While on the Layout tab, change the width in the Field Size section to 8cm.
Click the Text Format button and under the Justify section, choose Right. Click OK and OK to close the Text Field properties screen.

Step 7
Click the Data field icon on the toolbar, the left most icon. Scroll down and select the Category field and click OK. Move this field to be adjacent to the text field we just added as shown in the image below. This shows the bottom of the payslip under the wage details table:

Customise Screen

Step 8
Click the 'Save Form' button and then Cancel, Cancel to get back to the Command Centre.

Step 9
Under Card File, open each employees' Card to the Payroll Details tab and select 'Standard Pay'. On this screen, select as the Default Category, 21 Oct 2013, as shown in the image below:

Default Category

You are now set for the 1st quarter of the 2014 financial year. At the bottom of each payscreen you will see the Category Field which will default as shown above. After the 1st quarter, you will need to change the default Category to 21 Jan 2014 (as per Step 9). See below an example of the payscreen as well as the final payslip.

Payslip 1a

Payslip 2a

Payscreen - Click to enlarge.

Payslip - Click to enlarge.

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