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Payment Summaries and PAYG Payment Summary Annual Report (PSAR)

(EMPDUPE file)

Periodically there are changes to the fields reported on Payment Summaries you must provide to payees at the end of each financial year as well as to the annual report you submit electronically to the ATO - the PAYG Payment Summary Annual Report (PSAR), otherwise known as the EMPDUPE file. Changes made to the requirements after your accounting software was released usually means upgrading your software or completing the paperwork manually.

Upgrade non-compliant to fully Compliant
Our software (EMPDUPE Maker) allows you to upgrade the Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE file created by your older software and make them fully compliant with the latest ATO specifications.

Create from Spreadsheet or other Payroll Records
If you don't have an EMPDUPE file from your accounting software, EMPDUPE Maker can also be used to create all the electronic files from your existing payroll records, including importing from a spreadsheet.

Amended Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE file
If you need to issue Amended Payment Summaries (a feature accounting software often overlooks), load your existing EMPDUPE file into EMPDUPE Maker, modify as necessary, and generate Amended Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE file.


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Woot woot! Success. Thanks Chris.
Gold star
for you for creating this program and your easy instructions,
and gold star for me for being able to follow it.!!

TK from QLD

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