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Super Payment Date on Payslip in QuickBooks®

Easy Method

This method is easiest to setup and maintain.

Step 1
Start QuickBooks® and open your company file. (Will work on most versions).

Step 2
Go to the Lists menu item and select Templates. Double click on Quicken Standard Payslip.

Step 3
On the Basic Customisation screen, press the "Manage Templates..." button. On the Manage Templates screen, select Quicken Standard Payslip in the box on the left and press the Copy button. In the "Template Name" box on the right, change the name to something like "Payslip with Super Date" or something similar. Press the OK button to close this screen.

Manage Template

Manage Templates Screen - Click to enlarge.

Step 4
Some employers pay the super guarantee amounts monthly, some quarterly. We will set up quarterly payments, with our normal payment date being 21 days after the end of each quarter. (If you pay monthly or any other frequency, change this step to suit).

On the Basic Customisation screen, press the "Additional Customisation..." button. On the "Additional Customisation" screen, select the Footer tab and click to tick the "Long Text" check-box. This box can only handle 42 characters, so enter something like "Super to be paid on 21 Oct 2013". Continue through the "Overlapping screen" warnings etc.

Step 5
Press the "Layout Designer..." button. On the "Layout Designer" screen, select, move, resize and centre this new long text field to a suitable position. Double click on the border to change the border colour to white. The image below shows the bottom of the payslip where we have placed the new field:

Customised Payslip

Make any other customisations you require and then click the OK button to save and close. Close all the other screens by pressing the OK button until you get back to the Home screen.

You are now set for the 1st quarter of the 2014 financial year. After the 1st quarter, you will need to change the date in the new text field to
21 Jan 2014 (as per Steps 1 to 4). See below an example of the final payslip.

Payslip 2a

Payslip - Click to enlarge.

    When doing payroll, on the Print Payslips screen, select this payslip from the Payslip Style drop-down list, as per below:

Payslip Style

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