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SETP Reporter Licences
Release 1 – based on the ATO's current Specifications 0001.2024
Sharing Economy Taxable Payment Reporting

Note: SETP Reporter is designed to be run on a Windows operating system. To use the program on a Mac, you will need to use Parallels, VMware, WineBottler or other virtualisation/emulation software. See here for more info.

Reporting Party
Each SETP Report and generated lodgment file (.xml) is based on a Reporting Party. A Reporting Party is the entity that operates the Electronic Distribution Platform (EDP). If you report for multiple Reporting Parties, their details only need to be entered once and are saved in a Reporting Party List file. For each Reporting Party you intend to use, you will need a Reporting Party ABN Licence.

Reporting Party ABN Licence99 - $99 (inc GST) per annum

Licence99 is designed for smaller EDP's and allows for up to 99 Seller Accounts per SETP Report.
To purchase an SETP Reporter Licence99, click here.

Reporting Party ABN LicenceUL - $199 (inc GST) per annum

LicenceUL is designed for larger EDP's and allows for an unlimited number of Seller Accounts per SETP Report.
To purchase an SETP Reporter Licence, click here.

Multiple Purchases If purchasing 3 or more licences at the same time, and payments are made by bank transfer, a bulk purchase discount applies (3-20%). Email ABN's and licence type to Namich, we will issue an invoice. Contact Namich for further information.

Refund Policy - see here.

Note 1: Each licence can be used for one ABN only, each entity will require its own licence.

Note 2: Licence renewals will be governed by the terms of the new Licence.

Note 3: If your Licence is current, a renewal will extend the current expiry date by 12 months, so there is no need to wait until the expiry date.

Note 4: If the Reporting Party does not have an ABN, please contact Namich for a licence.

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