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SETP Reporter FAQ

Q1. What is SETP?


Sharing Economy Taxable Payment (SETP) reporting is a new reporting requirement for Electronic Distribution Platform (EDP) operators. An EDP operator is known as a Reporting Party. For example an EDP might run a food delivery service via a phone app. Drivers (known as sellers) can sign up with the platform and earn income by delivering food. The payments made by the platform to the drivers must be reported to the ATO every 6 months.

Q2. How does one use SETP Reporter?


After installing the program, you start by creating a new .sept file (the SETP Reporter working file). The default name is 'untitled.setp' which you can save as 'mycompany2023.setp' or any other suitable name. When creating a new .setp file you can manually enter the seller data on screen of by importing from a spreadsheet (tab-delimited file).

There are 6 buttons on the Main Screen that you then step through:

  • Report Period - where you set the 6 month reporting period
  • Reporting Party - where you enter the details of the EDP operator
  • Intermediary - where the report will be lodged by an Intermediary, enter their details here
  • Report Type - where you specify if this Report is New, Amend, Cancel or Nil
  • Seller Accounts - where you enter seller and transaction details
  • Generate - where you generate the electronic report file for lodgment
Save your .setp file once you have finished. Submit your electronic lodgment file (xml) to the ATO.

Q3. How can the report be submitted to the ATO?


Using SETP Reporter, you can create the electronic lodgement report file (xml), and upload it using the ATO's Online Services for Business or Agents' portals. Use File Transfer under Lodgments.

Q4. When is the report due?


The SETP report must be lodged within one month of each 6 month reporting period. By 31 Jan for the 6 months to 31 Dec and by 31 July for the 6 months to 30 June.

Q5. What is the format for the tab-delimited file for import?


The format is specific to SETP Reporter. There is an import template available on our Downloads page. More details are in the help file.

Q6. What restrictions are in the demo version?


Until registered, SETP Reporter operates in demo mode and the word 'Demo' appears on most screens. The program is fully functional except that when you generate the electronic file for the ATO, all ABNs will display as zeroes. In Demo mode, the number of Sellers in the lodgment file will be limited to 5.

Q7. If I purchase an SETP Reporter licence, can I prepare an SETP report for more than one Reporting Party?


Yes. However you will need an Licence for each Reporting Party you intend to report for. Each licence is for a specified ABN.

Q8. Is there any limit on the number of Seller that we can report on?


No. There is no restriction on the number of Seller accounts in the report. We have tested the import template to import data for 10,500 sellers. We also generated the ATO file - takes a bit longer if you have this many Seller though.

Q9. I need to uninstall SETP Reporter before installing a new version. Will uninstalling affect my preferences, registration details or existing data?


The Downloads page on our website will always link to the latest version. SETP Reporter version numbers are in the form where the first number is the Release Version (in this case Release 1) and the fourth number is the Update number (in this case Update 4).

Uninstalling your current version will not affect preferences, registration details or existing data. The new version will be able to access your existing preferences, registration information and will also open any essd files you saved using the earlier version.

Q10. When I try to download SETPSetup.exe, I get a message saying this file may not be safe. Should I download it?


Every Browser treats executable files differently. Our file is completely safe, however the browser does not know that and so it may issue a warning message. You should first save the file to your harddrive and you can then check it with your anti-virus or anti-malware software before you run the .exe file. Some examples of messages are listed below:

  • IE - 'Security Warning - Do you want to run or save this file?' Choose Save.
  • IE - 'The publisher could not be verified' Choose Save.
  • Chrome - 'SETPSetup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.' Click dropdown arrow to the right of the Discard button and select Keep.
  • Opera - 'It is not known whether this file is safe. Are you sure you want to download it?' Choose Save.
  • Firefox - 'You have chosen to open xyx.exe file which is a binary file. Would you like to save this file?' Choose Save
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