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PSAR Premium Release 4 (R4) Download

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Note: If you have an older licence and
need to reinstall, use link for your Release
under 'Other Downloads' instead.
More Information If, for example, you have a licence for R2
(see Subject line of Registration email) and you download and install R3, R3 will run in Demo mode and will not accept your registration details.

You will either need to purchase an upgrade to R3 or download and install the Release you are licensed for.

See the links below.

Installation Issues:
Error – side-by-side configuration is incorrect

Other Downloads:
INB Import Template R4
ETP Import Template R4
BUS Import Template R4
FEI Import Template R4
PEN Import Template R4
SLS Import Template R4
DAS Import Template R4
Download PSAR_Premium R4 as rar file

PSAR Premium

See our 'Getting Started guide here.

The use of PSAR Premium is licensed on the basis of a user Registration and a Payer ABN Key Code.

Until registered, this download of PSAR Premium will operate in Demo mode, allowing you to test and confirm that PSAR Premium will work as specified on this website. You will be able to create, add, view, edit and update your data, and save changes in a Report file. You will be able to generate Payment Summaries and a PSAR.A01 (EMPDUPE) file, however they will not show complete ABN or TFN data. In Demo mode, the Payees in the PSAR.A01 file will be limited to 5.

When you purchase and enter Registration details and a Payer ABN Key Code, PSAR Premium will allow full use of the Payer ABN and TFN's. This selected Payer ABN will be used for all Payment Summaries as well as the PSAR.A01 file that will be generated. Additional Payer ABN Codes can be purchased from here.

PSAR Premium has been developed for Windows based systems - Mac users see here

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