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PSAR Premium is the solution if your current accounting software satisfies your accounting or bookkeeping needs, but does not produces compliant payment summaries and EMPDUPE/PSAR files. Simply open your non-compliant EMPDUPE/PSAR file generated by your accounting software, add any missing details, and PSAR Premium generates up to date Payment Summaries and a compliant Payment Summary Annual Report (PSAR - or EMPDUPE.A01 file).

Note: PSAR Premium is essentially identical to EMPDUPE Maker. The only difference is PSAR Premium has support for 4 additional Payment Summary types. See our details page for a complete list.

Don't have an existing EMPDUPE/PSAR file? - You can also create all the compliance records (Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE/PSAR file) from your existing payroll records. PSAR Premium supports importing data from a spreadsheet as well as manually entering data.

No more filling out by hand. The PDF payment summaries can be emailed to payees and the EMPDUPE/PSAR file can be lodged electronically via the ATO's Online Services for Business, Business and Agent Portals.

Need to Amend? - PSAR Premium's most appealing feature! Software such as MYOB® and QuickBooks® often don't support preparing or lodging Amended Payment Summaries or EMPDUPE/PSAR files. PSAR Premium does.

PSAR Premium has been developed for Windows based systems - Mac users see here

Key Features

  • Supports all Payment Summary types
  • Generates PDF Payment Summaries
  • Generates Amended Payment Summaries
  • Generates PSAR file for lodgement
  • Updates existing PSAR file to latest specs
  • Import data from an existing PSAR file
  • Import data from spreadsheet
  • Export data to spreadsheet for easy updating
  • Enter data from manual pay records
  • Supports multiple Payers
  • Supports lodgment by bookkeepers/agents etc
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost software - no subscription required
  • Updated for all latest ATO Payment Summary changes

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