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  • Support for all Payment Summary types - see below
  • Opens and upgrades EMPDUPE.A01 or PSAR.A01 files from version 7.3 to the current 13.0.3
  • Generates PDF Payment Summaries and PAYG Payment Summary Annual Report (PSAR - or EMPDUPE file)
  • Support for bookkeepers/consultants/agents who lodge on behalf of Payers
  • Import data from spreadsheet via tab delimited file
  • Export data to spreadsheet for easy updating
  • Generates detailed report for reference purposes
  • Less keying, frequently re-used data stored
  • Support for Payers with a WPN instead of an ABN
  • Generates AMENDED Payment Summaries and AMENDED EMPDUPE/PSAR files
  • All keyed information can be saved and updated
  • All key data fields can be updated
  • Can be used to create Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE/PSAR file from scratch
  • Can add additional employees to existing EMPDUPE/PSAR file
  • Can delete employees from existing EMPDUPE/PSAR file
  • Up to date with all 2022/23 Payment Summary and EMPDUPE/PSAR file requirements
  • Supports multiple Payer ABN's
  • Detailed on-line helps, tooltips and videos

PSAR Premium allows you to handle your PAYG Withholding obligations to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) electronically. Whether you:
- have payroll software that won't handle AMENDED Payment Summaries
- have payees with Eligible Termination Payments (ETP)
- have payees with Foreign Employment Income (FEI)
- have payees leaving Australia (DAS)
- have older software that generates non-compliant files, or
- don't have payroll software but want the convenience of electronic files,
PSAR Premium is the most cost-effective and efficient solution.


Payment Summaries covered include:

  • INB - Individual non-business NAT 72710 (original and amended)
  • ETP - Eligible Termination Payment NAT 72708 (original and amended)
  • BPSI - Business and Personal Services Income NAT 72716 (original and amended)
    • Labour Hire
    • Other Specified Payments
    • Voluntary Agreements
    • PSI Attributed Income
  • FEI - Foreign Employment Income NAT 73297 (original and amended)
  • PEN - Superannuation Income Stream NAT 70987 (original and amended)
  • SLS - Superannuation Lump Sum NAT 70947 (original and amended)
  • DAS - Departing Australia Lump Sum (original and amended)

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PSAR Premium - Requirements

  • Windows 8, or Windows 10 - Mac users see here
  • Net Framework version 4.5 (will be installed if necessary)
  • Internet connection for accessing internet links, checking for update and on-line Help
  • Browser for accessing internet links and on-line Help
  • Screen size 1280 x 720 (min res at 100%) (recommended 1920 x 1080)

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