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TPAR Generator - How To Videos





Installing TPAR Generator
(2:42 mins)
Link How to download and install TPAR Generator Link
Registering TPAR Generator
(3:02 mins)
Link How to Register TPAR Generator Link
Add a Payer
(3:11 mins)
Link How to add a Payer to your PayerList. Link
Set up for SBR
(6:17 mins)
Link How to setup TPAR Generator to lodge via Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Lodging via ATO Portals does not require setup. Link
Importing Payees
(5:00 mins)
Link How to import payees to TPAR Generator - covers the more common errors and solution. Link
Prepare and Lodge
(13:02 mins)
Link How to prepare and lodge a Taxable Payments Report. Covers the complete process for lodging, including lodging via SBR. Link
Note: If you find the video is too big for your screen, stop the video and come back to this page. Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click the minus (-) button 2 or 3 times. The browser screen will zoom out. Then re-start the video.
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