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TPAR Generator

TPAR Box Medium

Key Features

  • Updated for latest Specs for 2017/2018
  • Import data from spreadsheet
  • Load data from last year's TPAR.C01
  • Load data from original TPAR.C01 to amend
  • Load data directly from Classic MYOB®
  • Export to spreadsheet for easy updating
  • Add data manually
  • Separate Sender/Payer details
  • Support for multiple Payers
  • Supports lodgment by bookkeepers/agents etc
  • Generates electronic lodgment file
  • Generates electronic PDF Payment advices
  • Customisable filenames for Payment advices
  • Full edit, amend, save capability
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost software - no subscription required


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TPAR Generator is a comprehensive solution for those in affected industries or sectors who have to lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR).

TPAR Generator can import Payee data from a spreadsheet, load from last year's lodgment file, load data directly from your MYOB® company file (up to v19.14), or Payee data can be manually entered.

It generates a file for electronic lodgment to the ATO via the Business or Agent's Portals, as well as PDF payment advices that you can email or post to your payees. No filling ATO forms out by hand.

Changes to ATO lodgment arrangements - TPAR

Please note:The current version of TPAR Generator is based on ATO Specs v2.0 and covers reporting by the Construction and Building Industry as well as Government Entities. The first report for Government Entities is due 28 Aug 2018 and the ATO has released Specs v2.0 to cover these new payment types. Those who use TPAR Generator for Construction and Building Industry payments can continue to use their existing version and will not be required to upgrade.
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