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TPAR Generator - Release 8 (R8) Download

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For first time Installation of
TPAR Generator (22 MB):
Download Button

To update an existing
installation of TPAR Generator (8 MB):
Download Button

Note: If you have an older licence and
need to reinstall, use link for your Release
under 'Other Downloads' instead.
More Information If, for example, you have a licence for Release 6 (R6)
(see Subject line of Registration email) and you download and install R8, R8 will run in Demo mode and will not accept your registration details.

You will either need to purchase R8 or download and install the Release you are licensed for.

See the links below.

Installation Issues:
Error – side-by-side configuration is incorrect
Windows 10 – if TPAR Generator fails to start
Program cannot start without an active internet connection

Other Downloads:

Import Template for R8

Thank you for your interest in TPAR Generator. We hope you will find it a useful program. You can download and install TPAR Generator to test whether it will meet your requirements. All the features are available in Demo mode, including loading data from a Classic MYOB® company file or importing from a tab-delimited file. If you have purchased, enter your registration details from the About screen.

Important - If you are loading data directly from a MYOB® company file (up to v19.16), TPAR Generator does not make any changes to your company file, it simply reads data. Any data read stays on your computer until you upload a file generated for the ATO via the ATO's Online Services for Business or Business Portal. There is no risk to your company file or your confidential data.

While TPAR Generator can extract data directly from MYOB® , you can use TPAR Generator with any software, or with no software at all. As long as you have the payment details, you can copy and paste data into our import template and import it directly into TPAR Generator.

Below is a quick outline of the TPAR Generator process. There is more detailed information in the Help function:

  • Download the Setup file using the Download button above.
  • Run the Setup file as administrator (Win 7 right click - Run As Administrator).

  • Note: If you have an earlier version currently installed, you will need to uninstall it. There is an Uninstall shortcut under the Start menu, or you can use Add/Remove programs under Control Panel. Existing data files will not be affected.
  • On Startup Options screen you will see the word Demo. Press Cancel, and then select Preferences from the File Menu.
  • Note the location next to the Browse 5 button. This is where TPAR Generator is currently expecting to find the Licence File. Use or change this location.
  • If changing the location, a Pop-up will alert you to restart. Exit (cancel) and close the program
  • Save the emailed Licence File into the selected location. Then restart TPAR Generator.
  • The word Demo should now be gone (if not, check set location and that the file is in fact saved there, try again, else contact Namich).
  • The Licence File details can be seen on the Help - About screen.

  • Loading Data from a MYOB® company file (up to v19.16):
  • Run TPAR Generator from Desktop icon or Start Menu.
  • Choose Load Data from MYOB® option.
  • Choose year ended (eg 2022) and browse for your company file (file should not currently be open).
  • Enter serial number code and click Load Data button.
  • You will get a message advising when load is complete and you can then update Sender and Payer data and add Payees to this Report.

  • Importing Data from tab-delimited file:
  • Download import template from above link.
  • Assemble data into require format and save as tab-delimited file.
  • Run TPAR Generator from Desktop icon or Start Menu.
  • Choose Import Data a Tab-Delimited File option.
  • Choose year ended (eg 2022) and browse for import file.
  • Click Load Data button.

  • You can then step through each button on the main screen.

    Note 1: If loading data from a Classic MYOB® company file, by default Payees are 'loaded' but not included as yet in the report. You must 'add' those you want in the report. Press the Payees button and go from there.

    There is detailed online Help Function available (F1 or Help button) but hopefully once you study each screen it will be reasonably intuitive.

    Please contact us with any problems, bugs, errors, suggestions or questions.

    You can test the validity of the electronic lodgment file without actually lodging it using the ATO's Online Services for Business or Business Portal.

    Note 2: In Demo mode you do not need a serial number code, however the generated lodgment file and the PDF's will show the each ABN as 00 000 000 000. The lodgment file can be uploaded as a test file. In Demo mode, the number of Payees in the lodgment file will be limited to 5.

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