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Q1. How does one use TFN Dec Reporter?


After installing the program, run it from the desktop icon or Start Menu - Namich - TFN Dec Reporter.
On first use, open File - Preferences to set your default folder locations (or simply click Save to accept the ones provided).
On the Main Screen click on the Payer button, then the Select from Payer List button, then the Add button. Complete the Payer Details screen and click Save. (use 00 000 000 000 as the ABN until you are Registered and have an ABN Code).
On the Payer List screen, click the Select for Report button.
On the Payer Details Screen click the Update button.
Return back to the Main Screen and click the PDF TFN Declaration for Payees button.
Click the Save PDF Declaration button, choose location and click Save.
Open and copy the link address to the ATO Instructions. Email the Declaration and a link to the Instructions to your Payee.
Payee completes the Declaration using Acrobat Reader v8 or higher, prints and saves. Returns both signed hardcopy and saved PDF to Payer.
On the Main Screen click on the Date button, and select a Date for the Report.
On the Main Screen click on the Payees button, click the Add button, select Import and click OK.
Navigate to where you saved the Payee's PDF, select it and click Open.
The Payee will now appear in the Payee List, select and click Edit.
On the Payee Details Screen enter the Payee's Employee/Payroll No. (if any), the date signed and click Save.
On the Main Screen click on the Supplier button. Complete the Supplier Details screen and click Update.
(optional) On the Main Screen click on the Ref No. button, and enter a reference for this file.
On the Main Screen click on the Generate Files button, the ATO File button and then the Save button.
On the Generate Files Screen click on the Summary of ATO File button and then the Save button.
Close the Generate Files Screen and return to the Main Screen.
Select Save As from the File menu and save this Report file (in case you need to edit or re-do the ATO file.
Close TFN Dec Reporter and upload the TFNDEC.N01 file via the ATO's OSB, Business or Agent's Portal.

Q2. How can the TFNDEC.N01 file be submitted to the ATO?


The electronic lodgment file can be lodged using the ATO's Online Services for Business, Business Portal or the Agent's Portal.

See this link for more information

Q3. What restrictions are in the demo version?


Until registered, TFN Dec Reporter operates in demo mode and the word 'Demo' appears on the Main Screen. The program is fully functional except that you can only use 00 000 000 000 as your ABN and 000 000 000 as any Payee TFN. You can enter your registration details under the Help menu.

Q4. If I purchase TFN Dec Reporter, can I prepare TFN Declaration reports for more than one business?


Yes. However the licence issued is for use within your business only. If your business handles TFN Declaration reporting obligations for other businesses (for example you are a bookkeeper or an accounting firm etc), you can report for all your client businesses under your licence. TFN Dec Reporter is restricted by Payer ABN Codes. In order to use a Payer ABN, your program must be registered and a Code must be entered for each ABN you intend to use. Every registered user receives up to 2 ABN codes. Additional ABN Codes can be purchased. See the Purchase page on our website for more information.

Q5. Is there any limit on the number of Payees that we can report on?


No. There is no restriction on the number of payees in the report.

Q6. Do I need to uninstall TFN Dec Reporter before installing a new version. Will uninstalling affect my preferences, registration details or existing data?


The Downloads page on our website will always link to the latest version. TFN Dec Reporter version numbers are in the form where the first number is the Release Version (in this case Release 1) and the fourth number is the Update number (in this case Update 4).

When installing a newer version, you should not need to first un-install the existing version, the installer should take care of that. If however you need to manually un-install the program, use the shortcut under the Start Menu - Namich - TFN Dec Reporter - Uninstall, or use Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.

Updates are free to users Registered for their current Release number as these are largely for minor improvements and bug fixes. You can continue to use the latest version of your current Release until the ATO will no longer accept the Specifications included in that Release. If you are a registered user, use the Check for Update and Download Update feature under the Help menu item. This will ensure you are on the latest update for your Release.

Upgrading from one Release to another will require a new purchase as the new Release involves more substantial improvements and/or required Specification changes.

Uninstalling your current version will not affect preferences, registration details or existing data. The new version will be able to access your existing preferences, registration information and will also open any tfnr files you saved using the earlier version.

However if you are upgrading (new Release Number) as opposed to updating (new Update number), your registration details from an earlier Release may no longer be valid for the new Release.

Q7. When I try to download TFNReporterSetup.exe, I get a message saying this file may not be safe. Should I download it?


Every Browser treats executable files differently. Our file is completely safe, however the browser does not know that and so it may issue a warning message. You should first save the file to your harddrive and you can then check it with your anti-virus or anti-malware software before you run any downloaded .exe file. Some examples of messages are listed below:

  • IE - 'Security Warning - Do you want to run or save this file?' Choose Save.
  • IE - 'The publisher could not be verified' Choose Save.
  • Chrome - 'TFNReporterSetup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.' Click dropdown arrow to the right of the Discard button and select Keep.
  • Opera - 'It is not known whether this file is safe. Are you sure you want to download it?' Choose Save.
  • Firefox - 'You have chosen to open TFNReporterSetup.exe file which is a binary file. Would you like to save this file?' Choose Save

Q8. Can I use electronic signatures or do employees have to sign a hardcopy?


Whether you need a signed hardcopy or not depends on your circumstances. The ATO have published guidelines that must be met before a Payer can rely on electronic signatures. See here link.

Most smaller businesses will not satisfy those requirements, and therefore TFN Dec Reporter provides for a signed hardcopy. However if you do meet the requirements and intend to use electronic signatures, then simply tick 'Payee Signature present' and provide the date, same as you would with a signed hardcopy.

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