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TFN Dec Reporter

TPAR Box Medium

Key Features

  • Complies with latest ATO Specifications
    (inc Working Holiday Makers)
  • Generates electronic PDF TFN Declarations
  • Generates electronic lodgment file
  • Full Supplier/Payer support
  • Import Payee data from PDF
  • Import Payee data from a spreadsheet
  • Saves Payer data - no re-keying
  • Saves Supplier data - no re-keying
  • Full edit, amend, save capability
  • Easy to use


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TFN Dec Reporter is an electronic solution for TFN Declarations. No filling ATO forms out by hand. All data is gathered, stored and lodged electronically. For use of electronic signatures see Q8 under FAQ.

TFN Dec Reporter generates a PDF TFN Declaration which you can email to Payees (or allow them to download from your website).

Payees complete the TFN Declaration using the freely available Acrobat® Reader's form filling capability. Completed TFN Declarations are emailed back to the Payer.

The Payer uses TFN Dec Reporter to import Payee data from the completed PDF forms, by importing from a spreadsheet, or by manually entering. TFN Dec Reporter than generates a lodgment file (TFNDEC.N01) which can be lodged on-line via the ATO's Online Services for Busines, Business or Agent's Portals.

Changes to ATO lodgment arrangements - TFN

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