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PSAR Premium - Upgrade Existing Business Licence - $150.50 (inc GST)

Note: Use this page ONLY if you already have an existing PSAR Premium Business Licence (Release 2 or earlier) and you want to upgrade that licence to Release 3. The cost to upgrade is $150.50 (inc GST).

Note 2: With Release 3 we have changed the Licence terms. If you upgrade to Release 3, your use of PSAR Premium will be governed by the new Licence agreement. With Release 3, a new Licence File will be issued. A Business Licence allows you to install and use the software on up to 5 computers at the location nominated below.

When upgrading from an existing PSAR Premium Business licence, the Registered Name must match that of your original purchase. This can be found on your original Registration email or under Help – About. (If you cannot locate this information and if you are unsure of the name originally used, please contact us before purchasing.)

Any Payer ABN codes previously issued will continue to work with this new version, however the Registration details will change.

We will confirm the existing licence details based on the information provided below and issue you a new Licence File with Registration details by email within 24 hours of receiving payment.

You can commence using this version of PSAR Premium in Demo mode before you receive your new Licence File. You will however need to have it before generating any Payment Summaries or PSAR.A01 (EMPDUPE) files.

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