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PSAR Premium - Corporate Group Licence - $285 (inc GST)

Our Business Licence and Business Max Licence are for use within one business where one entity lodges PSAR or EMPDUPE files for itself and/or other entities. However in some corporate groups, each entity within that group prepares and lodges its own PSAR or EMPDUPE files. In such situations, our Corporate Group Licence would be the most cost effective option.

PSAR Premium is licenced on a Corporate Group basis and allows for installation of the software on up to 5 computers and for use of the software by up to 5 users within your Corporate Group at the location nominated below. The licence will be registered under the Corporate Group name of your choice. Up to 5 users at this location can use the same Licence File to register PSAR Premium.

With your licence you will also receive two Payer ABN codes for the Payer ABNs submitted below. Each PSAR or EMPDUPE file is based on a Payer, and you will need a Payer ABN Code for each Payer ABN you intend to use. Additional Payer ABN codes can added to your licence as a separate purchase from here.

If paying by PayPal, once payment has been received, you will be re-directed to a webpage displaying a download link. You will also receive via email an invoice with the same information. Your Licence File and Payer ABN Code(s) will be separately emailed to you within 24 hours.

You can commence using PSAR Premium before you receive your Licence File and Payer ABN Code(s). You will however need to have your Licence File and update Payer details with a Payer ABN Code before generating any Payment Summaries or PSAR.A01 (EMPDUPE) files.

Please Note: The current version of PSAR Premium can be used for the 2012/13 year or later. It also includes the 2011/12 year for INB Payment Summaries only. Contact us before purchasing if you require earlier years.

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