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As explained on our website, using STP Creator requires you to sign up with - they are a Gateway that transmits the STP Data to the ATO. You first set up a User account which is based on an email address and your mobile phone (for 2 Factor authentication). Once a user account is created, you register your entity (ABN). You can register multiple ABNs if you use several entities.

If a 2nd user needs to be able to lodge for the same ABN, get them to create a new user account with their own email address and mobile phone - but not register an entity. You can then attach them as a user to your entity.

Step 1 - Click Register and select Single Touch Portal as shown below

Step 2 - Click Sign up now:

Step 3 - Complete the Sign up process -

This usually involves:

You are now set up on the Gateway and ready to lodge STP reports using STP Creator. You can now log out.


1 - You do not need to Log in via their website in order to submit STP Reports - this is done directly from STP Creator when you click the Lodge button on the Final Screen.

2 - You will need to Log in via their website in order to Review Lodged STP Reports

3 - You should complete the Direct Debit form to avoid additional monthly administration fees.