Reviewing Lodged STP Reports

This Help article is for those who lodge via Single Touch P/L - if you report via SBR, see here instead.

You can examine STP Reports you have lodged via the Single Touch Portal. Reports are retained by Single Touch for the duration you specify when you create your account, by default this is 366 days.

If you need to correct something, please read this Correct Errors article first - STP is designed to be 'self-correcting' as the next report you lodge replaces all previous reports. As such you may not need to send through a correction via an Update or Full File Replacement. This is covered in the linked article.

Single Touch Portal

Click here to access the Single Touch Portal. Use the Login link to access the 'Single Touch Portal'. Once logged in select Entities and then History (as per image below):

Select your entity and you will then see a list of STP Reports submitted (see example below):

Select the report you want to examine by clicking the relevant Summary link (as highlighted in red). This will open that STP report. You will see something similar to the image below:

The top half is the Report Header information. The bottom half is the Employee Information.

Use the scroll bars to see data to the right or below. To save the Employee Information, click the DOWNLOAD CSV VERSION button. This will save all the Employee Data from this report as a CSV file to your computer as a permanent record. The save location will depend on your browser settings.

Note that the downloaded csv file will only contain the Employee Information in the lower half of the screen, not the Header information. If you need to save the Header information, you can copy and print or take a screenshot of the webpage.