Licences - the basics

When you purchase STP Creator, you will receive a licence file called 'STP_R1_licence.lic' or 'STP_R1_SBR_licence.lic'.

STP Creator is designed to support multiple licences. Some users have a Licence4 for one ABN and a Licence20 for another ABN. The Payer ABN is stored in the licence file.

Since v2.0.1.0 the software no longer needs to be registered - so the Preferences > Browse 5 button has been disabled. Simply link your Data Set file to your licence file at Browse 2 on the Permanent Data Set screen.

Opening a Data Set File

Every Data Set file needs to be linked to a Licence as this is where it gets the ABN. When you open a Data Set file, STP Creator will use the licence specified at Browse 2 on the Permanent Data Set screen  - see highlighted below - the licence you are using for this Data Set file should be saved in that location. If is has been moved, or renamed, or you have a new licence saved in a different locations, click Browse and locate the licence file for this Data Set file.

When a Data Set file is opened:

Payer ABN

Registered Licence

Registered licences no longer use a Payer ABN code. The software will retrieve the ABN from the licence file and will display it on the Payer screen and the About Screen. The ABN field is read-only.

Agents Licence

With an Agent's Licence, the Agent's ABN will be stored in the Licence file linked at Browse 2 of each Data Set file. Payer ABN's can be set with a Payer ABN Code.

Your licence email will have a Payer ABN code and will look similar to this:

Open the Payer screen and update as follows - characters can be upper or lower case:

The Payer ABN Code is specific to a Licence - see highlighted above.

The Payer ABN code must be the code provided for the licence located at Browse 2 on the Permanent Data Set screen for this Data Set file - otherwise the Payer ABN will be reset to Zero.

The above points are of particular significance for: