Upgrading a Licence

STP Creator licences come in 4 'sizes' with varying Payee limits. If you originally purchased a Licence4 (allowing 4 Payees) and later employee additional staff, you can upgrade your licence to a Licence20 (allows 20 Payees).

If you created your Data Set file using a Licence4, when you upgrade to a Licence20, it is best to simply replace the current licence file with the new licence file. Then run STP Creator and open the Data Set file. The Data Set file will read the new licence automatically.

If however you use a different Licence location (or file name) for the Licence20, when you open the Data Set file, STP Creator will initially use the Licence4 the Data Set is currently linked to.

You may also see this message:

The solution is to click Browse 2 on the Permanent Data Set screen and select the new licence file.