View Amts

This screen shows the Activity Statement Data (W1 and W2 totals) STP Creator has assembled based on the Payment Date(s) selected on the Dates screen. If using a MYOB® file, this data comes from the Payroll Transactions for the selected Date(s) It shows the W1 and W2 amounts for each Payee and each Payroll Category for the Payment Date.

NOTE: - There is NOTHING you have to do on this screen - STP Creator has already done the work. The purpose of clicking the '3. Assemble Activity Statement Data (Period)' button is simply for STP Creator to run some checks, firstly to ensure every Payroll Category used this any Payroll Transaction during the Pay Period in MYOB® has been classified for W1 W2. If this check detect any issues, you will be alerted - see Messages below.

For your own piece of mind, you could reconcile the Net amount shown against the Net Pay in MYOB®. These do not have to match, however you should be able to readily reconcile any difference - see note under Net below.

The figures shown on this screen are what will be reported to the ATO based on the W1 W2 classification shown below. STP Creator will total all amounts at a later stage.

Payment Date

Shows the Date used to identify Payroll Transactions. If a date range was used, this shows the end date.

Reportable Totals


Shows the total of Reportable amounts which as mapped for W1. W1 is the Activity Statement label for Total Salary, Wages and other payments.


Shows the total of Reportable amounts which as mapped for W2. W2 is the Activity Statement label for 'Amounts withheld from payments shown at W1'.


Shows the difference between the W1 and W2 amount. This is for your reference purposes only and is not reported to the ATO. It can provide a quick reference point to the total net payment you just processed in MYOB for this Payrun.

Note: Sometimes this figure will not agree with the Net Payment in MYOB® for the Payrun. This can be due to amounts which reduce the net pay, however are not reportable for W1, such as Union Fees, WorkPlace Giving, Employee Deductions, Employee Additional Super etc. You should be able to readily reconcile any difference between the Net Payment in MYOB and the Net Amount here. If not, copy the table and paste into a spreadsheet program, sort and total. Compare with payroll records.

Display Amts for Included Payees only

This table shows all Payroll amounts from the linked MYOB file for the specified Period based on Payment Date(s), whether the Payee is Included in STP or not (Reportable Totals only include amounts for Payees Included in STP).  Tick this check box to remove amounts that relate to Payees who are not set as Included in STP in this Data Set file.

Show Other Totals

Tick this check box to display some Reference Totals. This will show totals for Wages Payroll Categories, Employee Deductions and Employer Expenses, and will show Non Reportable amounts. This can be useful for Reconciling if you use Non Reportable Payroll Categories in your Payroll.


Copy table to clipboard for pasting to another application. This can be useful to resolve any discrepancy, by sorting and totalling amounts for each Payee.


Access on-line Help.


Clicking this button will 'save' or 'accept' this data and return to the Main Screen. Once this screen is saved, and warning free, the word Completed will appear beside the Assemble YTD button on the Main Screen.


Close this screen without saving any changes. This will bring you back to the Main screen.

Suggested Checks


You may see this message when you first open this screen:

The Payroll Category Mapping screen allows you to leave unused Payroll Categories unmapped. When assembling the W1 and W2 Data STP Creator has noted that there was one or more Payroll Categories used during this Payroll Year that have not been mapped for W1 and W2.

If you have a long list, sort the above table by the W1 or W2 column, this will bring all of the un-mapped entries together. Make a note of those that need mapping. Or sort by PRCatID and scroll down the table noting the PRCatID of all entries that need to be mapped. Close this screen and return to the Payroll Categories screen via the Permanent Data Set button on the Main Screen, complete the mapping, then come back here.

You will see the above message when you close the W1 W2 Data Screen. You will not be able to use the Assemble Lodgement Data button on the Main Screen until all Mapping has been completed.

Empty Table

An empty W1 W2 table means MYOB® has no payroll transactions for the Payment Date selected on the previous screen. Ensure you select the same Payment Date on the Dates screen as you did in MYOB® when processing payroll.

Aborting - there is a conflict

There is a Payee ID in this MYOB file that does not exist in this Data Set file. Common reasons include:

If either of the last 2 reasons apply, open the Payees screen and click 'Update from Company file' to update the Data Set file.

If there is no explicable reason, click ok to return to the Main Screen. Then from the Maintenance Menu, select Save Diagnostic file. Save the file and email to Namich for analysis.