A number of Preferences can be set under the Maintenance Menu. These settings will affect all users on the same computer as they are stored in the Windows Registry.

This screen shows the available Preferences.

With the introduction of SBR Reporting, Namich has added more structure to where files are stored. This is because with SBR Reporting all data files are stored on this computer. A new folder called PayerData will be created. For each Payer reported on this computer, a subfolder will be allocated based on the name shown on the Payer screen.

In this subfolder further subfolders will be created, for example the Year being reported on. This way all files for a Year and for a Payer can easily be located and identified for backup and archival purposes.

By Default, the location of all data files will be

C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\STP_Creator_2\PayerData

Note that the SBR Hub will contain a link to files in this location. We recommend wherever possible to leave all data files in this location, to ensure links in the SBR Hub are maintained.

Buttons etc


Click Browse to select a new default folder where STP Creator data files will be saved. We recommend accepting the default location unless there is a technical or system requirement to change this.

Default Folder for Permanent Data Set files (.dsf)

Click Browse to select a default folder where STP Creator will start when Browsing for a Data Set file.

Always start with most recent Data Set file

If you always use the same Data Set file, tick this preference. Next time you run STP Creator it will prompt you to sign into the most recently opened Data Set file. The full path of the Data Set file will be displayed:

This saves users having to go to the Permanent Data Set screen just to open a Data Set file. Once logged in you can go straight to step '2. Load Payroll Data'.

Or to make changes to your Data Set file, use step '1. Load settings from Data Set file'.

If you want to open a different Data Set file instead, simply click Cancel and open the Data Set file in the usual manner.

Un-tick this preference if you prefer the original behavior (click Load settings from Data Set file then use Browse 1 to select and open a Data Set file).

Incl all Commencement Dates

By default STP Creator will only transmit a Commencement Date when it falls within the Pay Period you are reporting on. This information is taken from the Start Date on the Employee's card in MYOB®. Some users have Start Dates for all employees. Tick this check box if you want STP Creator to send this data for all employees (if it is available), otherwise STP Creator will only transmit is the Commencement Date reported on a Payee's Detail screen is in the pay period being reported on.

Confirm Exit

Tick this box to have a confirm "Close Program" pop-up when closing the program, for example if the X on top right hand corner of the Main Screen is clicked. This X is prone to accidental use.

On every other screen the X will simply close that screen, however on the Main Screen it will exit the program.

Check for Updates on Startup

Tick this box to allow a "check for updates" on startup. It is recommended you tick this box as it will ensure you are using the most up-to-date version available.

This would include bug fixes or any other required changes.

"Check for Updates" requires an available internet connection. No data is sent during the session. The program simply reads one line from our server which contains the latest version number. This is then checked against your current version number. You will be alerted if an update is available. You will then need to manually download and install it.

You can manually trigger the "check for updates" from the About STP Creator screen and under the Help menu item.

Audit Logging

STP Creator will log up to 57 events in an Audit Log. You can set STP Creator to do Minimal logging (23 events) Medium logging (35 events) or Maximum Logging (57 events).

Automatically update employee details on Load

Current STP Creator versions will update any Employee Data changes automatically during the Load Payroll Data stage - things like address, phone number, DOB etc. This keeps employee data current. The downside is if there are errors in an employee's data (say for example the TFN has a typo, or a Phone as a name appended such as 0433 355 355(Peter) - this will keep coming up as an error after each Load. We do recommend any errors detected are fixed in the MYOB file to prevent this. However if for some reason you cannot fix the employee data in MYOB, you can disable this automatic update to prevent having to fix the errors in STP Creator each time.

Note that if you un-tick this option, you will need to manually updated any changes or use the 'Update from Company File button on the Payees Table screen.

Enable SBR

If you have an SBR Licence, you can enable SBR by ticking this checkbox. This will allow you to update the Settings for SBR and when you click Lodge on the Final STP Data Screen, you will be able to Lodge via SBR - with no additional transmission fees).

Always Use SBR

If you have an SBR Licence and this computer is only used for SBR licences, tick this box to skip the 'Choose Lodgement Channel' pop-up when you click Lodge on the Final STP Date Screen.


Access on-line Help.


Clicking this button will save any changes and return you to the Main Screen.


Close this screen without saving any changes. This will bring you back to the Main Screen.

Errors and Other Issues

If you see something similar to the image below, this indicates your IT staff may have implemented Folder Redirection or Roaming Profiles on your server, or employ a form of encryption.

The most important option is the Browse 5 - if you cannot set this, STP Creator will open in Demo mode. However as soon as you Log Into a Data Set file, if will change to Registered Mode provided the Data Set file is linked to a valid licence at Browse 2 on the Permanent Data Set screen.

When you try to change folder paths, you may see a message similar to this:

This message indicates there is a 'Path Error' and STP Creator is unable to use the selected path for some reason. You may need to discuss this with your IT staff.

Remember that the paths are simply 'preferences' and will not impact on the use of STP Creator.

The default locations are normally C:\Users\<username>\Documents\STP_Creator_2.

Once you open a Data Set file, STP Creator will use the paths specified there (Browse 2 for the Licence File and Browse 3 for the MYOB file).