Payroll Categories not Mapped

You may see this message after current payroll data is loaded from the linked MYOB® file.

Error - there are one or more Payroll Categories that have been used this year by a Payee Included in this Report, however have not been mapped.

The Payroll Category Mapping screen allows you to leave unused Payroll Categories unmapped. When assembling the Income Statement YTD Data STP Creator has noted that there was one or more Payroll Categories used during this Payroll Year that have not been mapped for an STP Field. STP Creator will not be able to allocate the amounts to an Income Statement field.

If you have a long list, sort the Income Statement Data - Payee YTD Table by the 'STP Mapping' column (as highlighted below). This will bring all of the un-mapped entries together. Make a note of those PRCat ID's that need mapping - in the example below there is just one - PRCat ID 33 - Salary Sacrifice. Or sort by PRCatID and scroll down the table noting the PRCatID of all entries that need to be mapped.

Close this screen and return to the Payroll Categories screen via the Permanent Data Set button on the Main Screen, complete the mapping, then come back here. If you click Save you will see this message:

You will see the above message when you close the YTD Screen. This is simply telling you that Step 2 is not Completed and you will need to repeat Step 2 after you have fixed the Mapping issue.