The Payee button on the Check Payees screen will bring up this screen:


Brings up a message advising to Add Payees via your MYOB® company file, not here.


Brings up a Payee Details  screen - allowing you view and edit Payee details.


Allows you to delete the selected Payee(s). You should only delete a Payee if the Payee has already been deleted from your MYOB® company file. Any Payee in your company file MUST be in this table, even if the Payee it is not used.

Include in STP

Will change the "Included in STP' column to Yes for the selected Payee(s).

Exclude from STP

Will change the "Included in STP' column to No for the selected Payee(s).

Update from Company File

This will load Payee data from the linked MYOB® company file into this table. This is used at the creation of a new Data Set file as well as when new Payees are added to the company file. If a Payee  exist in this table already, they will not be replaced, the details will be updated to match the current details in the company file.

Check All STP Payees

This will check all Payees selected for inclusion in the STP Report to ensure all their data complies with ATO requirements. Any with errors will be highlighted with the word Error in the Checked column. You will need to select each Payee with an error then click Edit.

Once the Payee Details screen is open, click 'Update & Close' to highlight the error.

All Payees included in the STP report must have a Yes in the Checked column.


Copy table to clipboard for pasting to another application.


Replaces all table data with data from a tab delimited import file.

If you need to update details for a large number of Payees, we recommend you do this in MYOB®, and then use the Update from Company File button.

If however you want to update the Payee details via import, first use the Export button to export the Payee details to a tab delimited file. Edit that file in Excel or other program as required. Once editing has been completed, save as tab delimited and then import via this button. See link here about opening a tab delimited export file in Excel where leading zeroes might be an issue, for example for Phone numbers.

If you get import errors, in excel, try selecting all cells from A1 to Zx (where x is the last row used) copy this and paste into a new spreadsheet. Saved as Tab Delimited and try to import again.

Note that not all Payee Fields are exported or can be imported. Some changes will need to be made manually on screen


Exports most Payee data to a tab delimited file.


Access on-line Help.


Close this screen without saving changes. This will bring you back to the Data Set screen


Save changes and close screen. This will bring you back to the Data Set screen


Update from Company File

When using the 'Update from Company File' feature, STP Creator checks that the Payees being added do not already exist in the Data Set file. If a Payee exists in this table already, they will not be replaced, the details will be updated to match the current details in the company file. This can be useful when updating Address, DoB, TFN data etc.

STP Creator uses the Payee ID to identify Payees (not the Name etc). The Payee ID is a unique identifier, and is unique to each MYOB® company file. If the MYOB® has an employee with ID 'x', and the Payee Table has a 'Payee'  with Payee ID 'x', STP Creator will check that the Surname and the TFN matches, to ensure the correct company file is being used. If there is a miss-match you will be alerted. For example you may see a message similar to this:

'Both the MYOB® company file and the Payee table have an entry with the same Payee ID, however neither the Surname nor the TFN match. The Surname in the Payee table is " Smith" however the Surname in the company file is "Jones". This suggests this Permanent Data Set does not match with this MYOB® company file and so the data will not be reliable. Ensure you are using the correct Data Set File for this MYOB® file.  Existing employee information for "Smith" will be replaced with data from the company file. Are you sure you want to proceed?'

If there is a good reason (for example Smith has in fact changed his/her name to Jones), then it is save to proceed. Otherwise do not proceed. You cannot substitute one MYOB® for another as key elements such as Employee ID and Payroll Categories IDs will be different between files. MYOB® allocates a unique identifier as each are added to the company file. So even if you have employees or payroll categories with the same names in both files, the unique ID's will be different. If you want to use a different company file, you MUST start a new Data Set file.

After updating the table with data from a company file, STP Creator then checks to see if there are Payees in the table that are not in the MYOB® company file. You may see this message:

'The Payee with ID = "x" in this table does not exist in the company file. Provided you have selected the correct Company File, this employee can be deleted from this table'

Again take care, this can happen if the employee has been deleted from the MYOB® file since this Data Set file was created. If using a MYOB® company file, all employees in the file must be in the Payee Table, even if that employee is no longer used.

Importing Errors

'This file cannot be imported as number of fields per line is not 26. Ensure you are using a file originally exported from this screen and updated.'

To import Payees, we recommend you ensure there is at least one Payee in the table (manually add if necessary), then use the Export button to export Payees to a tab-delimited file. This file will have 26 columns. The import file must also have 26 columns. If you receive this error message, open the file again in excel, highlighted from cell A1 to Z1 and down to the last row used, copy and paste into a new spreadsheet. Save this as tab-delimited. Try to import again. This should ensure any extra cells are not included in the import file.

Note that the export and import files will not have any of the fields that display at the bottom of the Payee Details screen (allowances etc) - these must be manually updated.

'No Payee data imported. See Help for assistance'

This error usually occurs if the Payee ID field cannot be converted to a number. If unable to resolve import errors, email a copy of the spreadsheet to so we can examine and advise.

TFNs all Zero

If all TFN's for Payees show 000 000 000 - this indicates the STP Creator is in Demo mode. Ensure you have a valid Trial or Registered Licence and that it is saved as per the emailed instructions. STP Creator looks in the location specified at Browse 5 of the Preferences screen.