Welcome to STP Creator 2

STP stands for Singe Touch Payroll.

STP Creator was originally developed specifically for MYOB® users (both Classic and Live), see full version list here.

We received numerous requests for a stand alone STP solution for non MYOB® and so STP Creator was modified. STP Creator can now also be used by users of other accounting or payroll software, as well as by those who don't use any software at all.

It allows all uses to continue to use their existing software and comply with their STP obligations.

Note: All the information provided as part of STP Creator is a guide only, designed to assist you in fulfilling your STP obligations. This information is general in nature. Consult your professional taxation adviser or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for all the specific requirements of your STP obligations.

The  ATO website has numerous web pages detailing all aspects of the STP requirements. Do a search for "Single Touch Payroll reporting" or something similar on the ATO website.

Here is a link to the ATO's Single Touch Payroll Guide for Employers.

Here is a link to an ATO document called STP Business Scenarios which provides further guidance covering how certain circumstances should be reported.

From 1 July 2018, all employers (Payers) with more than 19 employees are required to submit certain payroll data to the ATO on or before the day they make their payroll payments.

From 1 July 2019, all employers (Payers) with more than 4 employees are required to submit certain payroll data to the ATO on or before the day they make their payroll payments. Payers with less than 5 employees can submit payroll data Quarterly.

STP Creator allows MYOB® users to extract payroll data directly from their MYOB® company file, assemble in the correct format, and lodge the data, immediately following their payroll payment processing. STP Creator is a stand alone program, it does not integrate into the MYOB® software, it simply reads payroll data out of your MYOB® company file.

For those who don't use MYOB®, STP Creator won't extract your payroll data from other accounting systems, however it will allow you to use all the other features, including importing payroll data from a spreadsheet. Once setup, all data is saved. Then after each pay, simply update the YTD figures (manually or import) and lodge your STP data directly from STP Creator to the ATO.

Here is a link to this Help file as a PDF - this may be useful if you want to print something.