Before you start:

You will need to download and install STP Creator from our website. (see Updates and Version Numbers).

If you have a SSP Licence, you will also need to create an account with - fees apply

If you have a SBR Licence, you will need to download M2M Credentials from Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

If using MYOB®, your MYOB® company file must be corruption free, Verification Errors are OK, however we recommend the file be repaired. See FGH Tables, our STP Creator partner who provide an efficient and cost effective repair service for MYOB® files.

You will need to know the Administrator password from your MYOB® company file. If you do not have the Administrator password, get someone who has to add a new user called STP_NAMICH and provide you the password for this user. This user does not need Administrator level access and should be restricted to functions normally allowed to the payroll person. If the Administrator password needs to be reset, see FGH Tables.