Updates and Version Numbers

Version Number

STP Creator version numbers are in the form where the first number is the Release Version (in this case Release 1) and the fourth number is the Update number (in this case Update 2).


As STP is in its infancy, it is not clear how often the Specifications and API End points will change. Updates to support any changes will be included for 12 months from the date of purchase, ensuring all purchasers can use STP Creator for at least 12 months, and in many cases much longer.

The About screen will show when your included Updates period ends. Using an update released after that date will require the purchase of a new licence.

Downloading Updates

Updates can be downloaded from the Help menu - see image below:


Only one version of STP Creator can be installed at any one time. The Update Installer will first un-install your existing version and then install the new one. If this does not work or you want to change where STP Creator is installed, you must first un-install your existing version. This can be done using the Uninstall function under the Start Menu - Namich STP Creator or using the Add Remove Program function under Control Panel.

Uninstalling your current version will not affect preferences, registration details or existing data. The new version will be able to access your existing preferences, registration information and will also open any .dsf and .stpi files you saved using the earlier version.  

Update Error

This message indicates STP Creator could not access our server. Ensure your computer has internet access.

Note: If this message started April 2020 on Windows 7 computers, this issue was fixed in v1.0.4.8 - please download and install latest version you are licensed for.