Migrating to Phase 2 during FY 2023


You need to ensure you complete the FY 2022 EOY Finalisation and backup processes in STP Creator Release 1 as your normally would. This means sending a Final Indicator = TRUE for all your Payee for FY 2022, saving a copy of your Data Set file as Final 2022, saving a backup of your MYOB file as Payroll 2022.myo etc - see here End of Year Procedure for more information.


1. Use STP Creator (Release 1) with your original Data Set file to lodge an Update Event to clear all FY 2023 Payroll Data sent via STP Creator (Release 1). This will avoid duplication and ensure your Payees' FY 2023 YTD amounts are not reported by both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Go through the normal process of reporting an Update Event and then at Step 6 on the final screen, select all Payees and use the Set all to Zero & False button to clear all amounts. See Set all to Zero & False for more information. Select all Payees again and set Final Indicator to TRUE. Lodge this STP Report. This will reset all previously reported amounts to zero.

1. The process outlined above is no longer required. Use the download below to install the latest version, this should be v2.0.0.8 or later. These versions have a step that removes the need to 'zero out' any amounts previously reported, whether by STP Creator (1) or some other STP software such as MYOB's

2. Download and install STP Creator 2 from here

3. Migrate your Data Set file to Phase 2