Set all to Zero & False

Use this to set all amounts on screen to zero and all True/False indicators to FALSE. There may be instances where you want to 'clear' all Payee Data submitted in previous reports using STP Creator, for example if you are moving to a different STP product. By setting all the amounts to zero, then setting the Final Indicator to TRUE for all Payees, and then lodging this report, you will effectively set the Income Statement for all Payees to Zero and Tax Ready. If unsure what you are doing, we recommend you check with Namich before using this function.

Reset Amounts to Zero

Click the 'Set all to Zero & False' button - this will reset all amounts to Zero and False.

Add a Final Indicator

If migrating to a new STP product, in addition to setting all amounts to Zero, you should then set Final Indicator to TRUE - this will effectively treat your Income Statement data transmitted via STP Creator as a Nil statement.

Use the 'All' check box to select all Payees. Then click 'Final Indicator'.


This process should normally be sent as an Update event, so click the 'Update - no W1 W2' button if it is not already ticked.

You are now ready to Lodge this STP Report.

Extra Assistance Required

As with any STP Creator issues, if you are having difficulty resolving, send us an email with the details (including screenshots). We will provide guidance via email as soon as we can. Alternatively if you would like someone to connect remotely to resolve the issue, we have a HelpMe! service - see link under Extras on our Purchase Page here - a fee applies.