How to Create a Data Set file

See steps below for recommended approach to creating a Data Set file using the latest version of STP Creator.

Step 1 - click this button

Step 2 - click this button

Step 3 - complete this screen

Step 4 - back on Permanent Data Set screen, click this button to update Payer Details

Step 5 - Click this button to load data from linked MYOB® company file

After the data has been loaded from the MYOB® file, click Save & Close to return to the Main Screen.

Step 6 - Click this button to select set up the Payees

Step 7 - Click this button to continue setup of Payees

Step 8 - Click this button to add the Employees from the MYOB file to the Data Set file

Step 9 - Click Select All and then this button to Exclude all employees initially.

Then close this screen.

Step 10 - Click this button

Step 11 - Click Select All and then this button to Exclude all employees initially.

And then close this screen and the next screen as well. All the employees who have been paid so far this payroll year have been set as Included in STP.

Step 12 - Click Select All and then this button to Exclude all employees initially.

On this screen if any errors were detected, the 'Validity of Payee Data' will show a Cross. Click the Fix button to fix any errors in employee data, such as invalid TFN, missing DoB. We do recommend you also make a note and fix these same errors in the MYOB file - this will prevent the need to again correct these errors in STP Creator.

Step 13 - Click this button to update Payroll Categories

Step 14 - Click this button to update Payroll Categories

Step 15 - This screen shows all Payroll Categories that have been used in payroll transactions and than need to be mapped. First select all those that should be mapped to Employee Gross Pay (most Wages type payroll categories) and then click the Multiple Button.

Step 16 - This screen shows all Payroll Category Editor screen. Select the relevant Income Statement Mapping Field and the MAS Mapping Field for the Payroll Categories selected at Step 15. If the STP Field you need is not on the list of available options (such as Travel Allowance), click the 'Add STP Field to Dropdown List' button. This will display all available STP Fields allowing you to select those you need. They will then appear as an option.

Click OK and all the selected payroll categories will be mapped. Repeat this for all other Payroll Categories until all are mapped. If unsure how to map a specific payroll category, use the information here as a guide Payroll Category Editor - if still in doubt check with your accountant or tax adviser. The available STP Fields as used by STP Creator are shown here.

When finished close the Check Payroll Categories screen

End - That's it - your Data Set file is set up and you are ready to continue to Step 5 and then Step 6 to complete the process of preparing and lodging your STP Report. You should not need to repeat any of the above again (unless changes are made to your MYOB file). If this happens, click on the button next to any Crosses to fix the issue.