Payroll Category Editor

Basic Principles

Single Touch Payroll reporting draws from 2 distinct concepts - Income Statements (formerly Payment Summaries) and BAS or Activity Statements. For each Payroll Category you will use during this payroll year, you need to select an STP Field for Mapping (the Income Statement side of things), as well as a W1 W2 setting (the Activity Statement side of things).

Income Statement (Payment Summary) Fields

If unsure how to map or classify a Payroll Category, for 'Mapping' - ask yourself how would I (or did I) link or map this payroll category during the Payment Summary Assistant process in MYOB®? In most cases, all those Payroll Categories you linked to Gross Payments (see example below) would be linked to 'GrossAmount'. However with Phase 2 see Disaggregation of Gross.

There are exceptions, for example Super Guarantee was not linked during the Payment Summary Assistant, and while it is mapped to 'Super guarantee amount' for Income Statement purposes, it is allocated to N/A for Activity Statement purposes

Activity Statements

The 'W1 W2' classification or mapping depends on where the Payroll Category amount would be included on your Activity Statements. If it was not included in W1 or W2 (for example WorkPlace Giving, Super Guarantee, Child Support etc), it should be classified or mapped as N/A (Not Applicable) for STP W1 W2 purposes.

Tax Withheld should be classified as W2 and all income amounts (including Allowances) are generally classified as W1.

These are examples only and may not apply in your situation. You should consult ATO documentation or your tax advisor if in doubt.


Select the appropriate STP Field for this Payroll Category (or for multiple Payroll Categories if more than one has been selected) from the drop down list. This list is based on the STP Fields selected here. Essentially use the STP Field that is similar to the Payment Summary field where you would normally show this Payroll Category.

For example Payroll Categories normally linked to Gross Pay should be Mapped to 'GrossAmount'. So many of the Payroll Categories ticked in the first image above would be Mapped as follows:

If unsure how to map, we suggest you consult your bookkeeper, or accountant or the ATO. Here is a link to the ATO's guide for Payment Summaries this may help if you need some guidance. STP is meant to be a substitute for Payment Summaries. Note that STP Phase 2 has expanded reporting well beyond what was reported on Payment Summaries.

We are unable to provide advice in relation to mapping etc as only your tax adviser is authorised to do so. Or check with the ATO.

The following information may also be helpful. This Field List identifies all of the STP Fields and provides a brief explanations.

W1 W2

Every Payroll Category used during the payroll year must also be classified or mapped for W1 and W2. W1 is the Activity Statement fields for 'Total salary, wages and other payments'. W2 is the Activity Statement field for 'Amounts withheld from payments included in W1'. If the payroll category does not get reported at either W1 or W2, map as N/A.

If unsure how to map, consult your bookkeeper, or accountant or the ATO. We are unable to provide advice in relation to mapping etc.

My Notes

Use to save a note for yourself or other users about this Payroll Category.


Use to clear the mapping for the selected Payroll Category (or Categories if more than one are selected for Edit).


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Close this screen without saving any changes. This will return you to the Payroll Categories screen.