Check Result Fails to Retrieve a Result

When a STP Report is lodged via SBR, once the report is processed by the ATO, you need to click Check Result to see whether the ATO Accepted or Rejected the Report. Normally this result is available after 1-3 Check Result attempts. The ATO published the result to their server and STP Creator retrieves that result. However sometimes if there is an issue with the ATO Servers, and the Server is restarted or reset, the result is no longer available.

When this happens, the STP Report entry in the SBR Hub shows Pending in the Accepted by the ATO column.

The only way to check if the STP Report was in fact Accepted is shown here - How do I Check ATO for STP Reports.

Once you have checked, if the Report does not show on the ATO Portal, you will need to re lodge the original Pay Event Report. If the STP Report does show on the ATO Portal, then the report was Accepted by the ATO. You can update the SBR Hub entry by selecting the report and clicking Change Status button as illustrated below.