Check ATO for STP Reports

When you lodge STP Reports, the ATO Online Services records these reports in a summary form only. While this does not provide much information, it does confirm which Reports the ATO has received and it also shows the BMSID used to lodge the Report.

ATO's Online Service For Business Log in link.

Once logged in select Employees then STP Reporting as per image below:

Here you will see all STP reports by Financial Year. The Gross Payments and PAYGW amounts are the W1 and W2 Activity Statement amounts for the period covered by each STP Report. These amounts will be used by the ATO to pre-fill your online Activity Statements.

The Payee YTD amounts are not stored on the ATO Portal. These can only be accessed by Reviewing the STP Report (see here for SBR and here for SSP) or by the Payee on the MyGov portal.


To see the BMSID used to lodge an STP Report, click the Down Arrow next to the Report. In the example below we have clicked the Down Arrow on the top STP report (Effective Date 30 June 2022).