Browse 3

Use the highlighted button when either the file name or location of the original MYOB® file linked to this Data Set file is changed. This Browse 3 button allows you to re-link to the new filename or locations. It must however be the same file.

You will get this alert:

Can STP Creator access the MYOB file?

When you select a MYOB file using Browse 3, STP Creator will check 3 things:

  1. Is this in fact an MYOB file
  2. Can STP Creator access the MYOB file
  3. Does the serial number and File ID match the Data Set file

You will be advised is STP Creator detects any issues. For example if the serial number differs to the serial number that this Data Set file was created for, you will not be able to link to that MYOB file. You will see the message below.

See Serial Number Does not Match for an explanation.